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Lafayette Democrats Oppose Jindal Voucher Plan 2/16/2012 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee approved and authorized the release of the following statement at their February 15, 2012 meeting.

The Lafayette Democratic Party believes government should not tax citizens to pay private schools. But that is exactly what Governor Jindal proposes with his private school voucher program, and we believe it is important that people understand what this governor wants to do. In the name of promoting public education, Governor Jindal wants Louisiana taxpayers to pay for private school tuition. As Democrats we believe if public schools are failing we must fix them, not dismantle them. And we need to stop laying all the blame on the teachers, and call for a comprehensive program that includes parentsí participation in their childrenís education.

The Lafayette Democratic Party opposes forcing Louisiana taxpayers to pay private schools to teach our children. Article VII, Section 13 of the Louisiana Constitution requires that the government spend certain dedicated taxpayer money only on public education through what is known as the Minimum Foundation Formula. Governor Jindal has proposed to raid even that fund to give the money to private schools in New Orleans. The Lafayette Democratic Party believes government must honor its constitutional commitment to public education and not tax citizens to pay private schools. But if the private schools want public money then let us at least demand that they accept everyone, disabled and disadvantaged, just as the public schools must do. And let us hold them accountable, with standardized testing and oversight, just as the public schools must be. And let them be audited, just as the public schools must be.

America has always valued the importance of universal, public education to help instill citizenship and American values. Governor Jindal now wants to dismantle and privatize that system. But public schools have served this country well for over a hundred years, so if Bobby Jindal wants the taxpayers to pay for his experiment, he better be sure itís going to work, because if it doesnít we will all pay a permanent price for his failure. And he might not be around in four years to see the harm he has done. Thatís what we as Democrats believe. 

Daily Advertiser Editorializes on ASO Politicizing of July 4th Concert 6/18/2011 
The Daily Advertiser editorialized in the Saturday, June 18, 2011, edition about the controversy that the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra (ASO) has created for itself through the politicizing of its July 4th free public concert.

The editorial gets much of this issue correct, but misses the significant fact that having LCG elected officials on stage this year would politicize the event more overtly than did Joey Durel's endorsement of David Vitter last year.

How can that be? Because, by ASO's own admission, they could not offer this event as a free event without LCG's support, either financially or in-kind. By offering their stage to LCG officials it takes on a quid pro quo arrangement, whereby the officials are rewarded for their commitment of taxpayer dollars to the support of this event by giving them a few minutes in front of the large crowd that traditionally gathers for the event.

Lester Gauthier made clear in his letter that the best solution is for the ASO to forego the injection of politics into its concert. The ASO seems unwilling or unable to do so. 

Durel Contempt of Court Hearing Delayed 6/18/2011 
The Advocate reports that a contempt of court hearing for City-Parish President Joey Durel that had been scheduled to take place next week has been pushed back while he asks the state Supreme Court to halt the case.

Fifteenth Judicial District Judge Ed Rubin had set the hearing at the request of three former Lafayette Housing Authority board members, who argue Durel improperly removed them from the board a second time after Rubin had reinstated them.

City-parish attorneys have been fighting to keep the contempt hearing from happening. 

ASO/Vitter/Durel/Lafayette DPEC story goes national 6/16/2011 
The Rachel Maddow Show picked up on the simmering and now year-long controversy involving the expenditure of Lafayette taxpayer dollars to allow Joey Durel to endorse then-Senate candidate for re-election David Vitter from the stage of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's Fourth of July concert in 2010. The staff of the Maddow Show apparently stumbled across the headline in Thursday's edition of The Daily Advertiser and used it to demonstrate the double standard in national politics when it comes to the behavior of elected officials and their ability to stay in office. Vitter was caught in a prostitution scandal and not only stayed in office, but no national Republican ever called for him to resign. Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress on Wednesday for activity that was not illegal, but because the scandal had become "a distraction." 

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