Lafayette Democrats Oppose Jindal Voucher Plan  Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee2/16/2012 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee approved and authorized the release of the following statement at their February 15, 2012 meeting.

The Lafayette Democratic Party believes government should not tax citizens to pay private schools. But that is exactly what Governor Jindal proposes with his private school voucher program, and we believe it is important that people understand what this governor wants to do. In the name of promoting public education, Governor Jindal wants Louisiana taxpayers to pay for private school tuition. As Democrats we believe if public schools are failing we must fix them, not dismantle them. And we need to stop laying all the blame on the teachers, and call for a comprehensive program that includes parents’ participation in their children’s education.

The Lafayette Democratic Party opposes forcing Louisiana taxpayers to pay private schools to teach our children. Article VII, Section 13 of the Louisiana Constitution requires that the government spend certain dedicated taxpayer money only on public education through what is known as the Minimum Foundation Formula. Governor Jindal has proposed to raid even that fund to give the money to private schools in New Orleans. The Lafayette Democratic Party believes government must honor its constitutional commitment to public education and not tax citizens to pay private schools. But if the private schools want public money then let us at least demand that they accept everyone, disabled and disadvantaged, just as the public schools must do. And let us hold them accountable, with standardized testing and oversight, just as the public schools must be. And let them be audited, just as the public schools must be.

America has always valued the importance of universal, public education to help instill citizenship and American values. Governor Jindal now wants to dismantle and privatize that system. But public schools have served this country well for over a hundred years, so if Bobby Jindal wants the taxpayers to pay for his experiment, he better be sure it’s going to work, because if it doesn’t we will all pay a permanent price for his failure. And he might not be around in four years to see the harm he has done. That’s what we as Democrats believe. 

Daily Advertiser Editorializes on ASO Politicizing of July 4th Concert  Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee6/18/2011 
The Daily Advertiser editorialized in the Saturday, June 18, 2011, edition about the controversy that the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra (ASO) has created for itself through the politicizing of its July 4th free public concert.

The editorial gets much of this issue correct, but misses the significant fact that having LCG elected officials on stage this year would politicize the event more overtly than did Joey Durel's endorsement of David Vitter last year.

How can that be? Because, by ASO's own admission, they could not offer this event as a free event without LCG's support, either financially or in-kind. By offering their stage to LCG officials it takes on a quid pro quo arrangement, whereby the officials are rewarded for their commitment of taxpayer dollars to the support of this event by giving them a few minutes in front of the large crowd that traditionally gathers for the event.

Lester Gauthier made clear in his letter that the best solution is for the ASO to forego the injection of politics into its concert. The ASO seems unwilling or unable to do so. 

Durel Contempt of Court Hearing Delayed  Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee6/18/2011 
The Advocate reports that a contempt of court hearing for City-Parish President Joey Durel that had been scheduled to take place next week has been pushed back while he asks the state Supreme Court to halt the case.

Fifteenth Judicial District Judge Ed Rubin had set the hearing at the request of three former Lafayette Housing Authority board members, who argue Durel improperly removed them from the board a second time after Rubin had reinstated them.

City-parish attorneys have been fighting to keep the contempt hearing from happening. 

ASO/Vitter/Durel/Lafayette DPEC story goes national  Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee6/16/2011 
The Rachel Maddow Show picked up on the simmering and now year-long controversy involving the expenditure of Lafayette taxpayer dollars to allow Joey Durel to endorse then-Senate candidate for re-election David Vitter from the stage of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's Fourth of July concert in 2010. The staff of the Maddow Show apparently stumbled across the headline in Thursday's edition of The Daily Advertiser and used it to demonstrate the double standard in national politics when it comes to the behavior of elected officials and their ability to stay in office. Vitter was caught in a prostitution scandal and not only stayed in office, but no national Republican ever called for him to resign. Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress on Wednesday for activity that was not illegal, but because the scandal had become "a distraction." 

Acadiana Symphony reserves right to inject politics into publicly funded event  Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee6/16/2011 
The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra has insisted that it has the right to inject electioneering into its annual Fourth of July Concert which is held at Parc Internationale with sponsorship provided by Lafayette taxpayers through Lafayette Consolidated Government. The ASO renewed the controversy on Wednesday with a press release in which they claimed to have received what their executive director called "harrassing" letters from the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee. They also completely mischaracterize events surrounding 2010's concert where Senate candidate David Vitter invited himself to speak and was endorsed from the concert stage by Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel in apparent violation of the state Constitution and the state Election Code. 

HB-531 is dead!  Mike Stagg6/13/2011 
The Independent Weekly reports that Rep. Joel Robideaux (No-Party, Lafayette) has withdrawn his controversial bill (HB 531) which would have created the Lafayette Redevelopment Authority. The bill was the Durel administration's second attempt to get the authority created. The defeat of the legislation can be attributed to a coalition of Democrats and Tea Party members who opposed the bill as an egregious power grab by the administration and its developer allies. 

Development plan gives government too much power  Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee6/9/2011 
The Daily Advertiser editorial on the proposed Lafayette Redevelopment Authority hits a number of nails on the head about this misguided legislation (HB 531). 

Democrats, Tea Party force deferral of HB 531  Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee5/27/2011 
The Daily Advertiser provides reporting on the unusual coalition of Democratic elected officials, the parish Democratic Executive Committee and the Lafayette Tea Party which convinced the Senate Local & Governmental Affairs Committee to defer action on a bill that would have created the Lafayette Redevelopment Authority. 

Groups Oppose Agency Plan  Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee5/27/2011 
The Advocate's Acadiana Bureau provides coverage on the coalition that emerged to at least delay legislative action on HB-531, the bill that would create the Lafayette Redevelopment Authority. 

Lafayette Democrats Call for Defeat of HB-531   Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee5/25/2011 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee has called on the Senate Local and Municipal Affairs Committee to reject HB-531, which was authored by Rep. Joel Robideaux at the request of the Durel administration, to create the Lafayette Redevelopment Authority.

“This badly flawed bill would create an unelected entity and make it the expropriator of choice in Lafayette Parish,” the committee said. “In addition, the bill would create yet another taxing authority with the apparently unchecked power to create Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts. These districts would target City of Lafayette residents and those living in unincorporated areas because the proposed law gives small municipalities in the parish the ability to opt out of participation in the scheme.”

“HB 531 represents the second attempt in two years by the Durel administration to solve a genuine problem — the proliferation of blighted and adjudicated properties. As was the case last year, this proposal would produce a powerful bureaucracy with the ability to seize and transfer property to new owners of its choosing. This organization would operate beyond the supervision of elected government and beyond the reach of citizen control. It is a proposal rich with opportunities for abuse.”

“We urge the Senators to reject this bill. We also recommend that the Durel administration engage a broader community dialog on this issue of concern to all residents and property owners.” 

Former Lafayette CIO Still Not Charged  Mike Stagg5/20/2011 
This story is still unfolding. The trip wire for the coverage was Lafayette CAO Dee Stanley's testimony in the federal corruption trial in New Orleans. In a Times-Picayune story today (Friday) a defense witness said a move to no-bid contracts on technology projects in New Orleans under the Nagin administration was "a license to steal." 

Durel, LCG Council face contempt hearing  Mike Stagg5/19/2011 
A court date has been set for a hearing to determine if City Parish President Joey Durel and the LCG Council acted in contempt of a court order when they dismissed three members of the Lafayette Housing Authority Board of Directors a second time. 

More Details Emerge on LCG Tech Scam  Mike Stagg5/19/2011 
The Daily Advertiser reports on court documents related to the New Orleans technology corruption scandal that reaches into Lafayette Consolidated Government. A no-bid contract is a key part of the Lafayette connection to NetMethods. 

LCG Officials Mum on Scam  Mike Stagg5/18/2011 
The Daily Advertiser reports that LCG CAO Dee Stanley would not talk to them about the New Orleans technology scandal that reached into Lafayette and prompted the Durel administration to fire CIO Keith Thibodeaux. According to the article, Thibodeaux reported directly to Stanley. 

Stanley testifies in NOLA corruption trial  Mike Stagg5/17/2011 
The Independent Weekly reported today that LCG CAO and Durel campaign operative Dee Stanley was called to testify in a federal corruption trial involving a company whose corruption efforts ensnared chief technology officers in three cities, including Lafayette. 

Stanley's Focus In Question  Mike Stagg5/11/2011 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee has called on LCG Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley to cease any and all campaign activity on behalf of Joey Durel's re-election, or take an unpaid leave of absence until after the election. In the April 9, 2011, edition of The Advertiser, Stanley told a reporter that Durel's re-election is his primary focus in coming months.

Lafayette Democrats point out that Stanley is paid by Lafayette taxpayers and his priority should be providing services to all citizens and that his political commitment to Durel runs counter to his obligations as a public servant. 

How Gachassin Games the System  Mike Stagg4/21/2011 
The Independent Weekly looks into the issue of how public funds linked to low-interest housing developments are being used to enrich at least one developer. It's an issue that the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee pointed out in letters sent to the U.S. Attorney and the FBI back in February. 

Scenes from Lifetime Achievements Banquet  Mike Stagg10/24/2010 
Scenes from yet another successful Lifetime Achievements Banquet! Thanks to everyone who attended to honor these Democratic Heros! 

Lafayette Democrats honor lifetime achievements  Lafayette Democrats10/22/2010 
The Lafayette Daily Advertiser covered the Third Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards Banquet which was hosted by the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee on Thursday, October 21.

It was a great turnout and a great event! 

Lafayette Democrats to Honor Comeaux, Pierre, Baudoin and Blanco for Lifetime Achievements  Lafayette Democratic Executive Committee10/12/2010 
The Lafayette Parish Democrats will honor these great Democrats for their work advancing the interests of the community and our party.

Individual tickets are $35. Tables are $280.

You can purchase tickets and tables below.

Individual Seats

Tables (seats 8)


Lapeyrolerie named to top state party post  Associated Press7/12/2010 
Congratulations to Renee Lapeyrolerie on her selection as Executive Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party! The announcement was made by the party today in Baton Rouge. 

Vitter drops in on Concert  The Daily Advertiser Staff7/5/2010 
The Daily Advertiser ran this report on Senator David Vitter's speech at the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's "Red, White and Boom" concert on the Fourth of July. The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee objected to the ASO providing Vitter a venue for a campaign appearance. 

Concert sets off political fireworks  Bruce Brown, The Daily Advertiser7/3/2010 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee objected to the announcement that Senator David Vitter, who is involved in a campaign for re-election, will be speaking at the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's "Red, White, and Boom" concert on the Fourth of July in Parc International. The story focuses on the letter the committee delivered to the ASO expression its objection and the organization's response. 

LUS raise up for discussion  Richard Burgess12/1/2009 
The Advocate's Acadiana Bureau reports on the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee's opposition to the proposed LUS rate hike. The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce endorsed the proposed 15 percent increase. 

LUS raise up for discussion  Richard Burgess12/1/2009 
The Advocate's Acadiana Bureau reports on the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee's opposition to the proposed LUS rate hike and the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce's support for the 15 percent increase. 

Groups split on LUS rates  Jeff Moore12/1/2009 
The Daily Advertiser reports on the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee's opposition to the proposed LUS rate hike in this story which also covers the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of the proposal. 

Democrats oppose proposed permanent 15% LUS Rate Hike  Mike Stagg11/30/2009 
After studying the issue, attending hearings and reaching out to friends and colleagues with extensive knowledge of LUS and the issue, we announce today our opposition to this rate increase. Follow the link for the full release 

Democrats Get Their Own Healthcare Forum  Mike Stagg10/19/2009 
The Independent Weekly had a story in their TheIND blog today about how our committee won an hour of free airtime from KLFY and KTBS in Shreveport to carry a healthcare reform forum from the Democratic perspective. We won the time after objecting to the one-side nature of a Republican-only forum that originated in Shreveport on September 2 and which KLFY carried the following day.

In certified letters to KFLY management and news department, our committee demanded that the station not air the biased forum, or grant proponents of healthcare reform an hour of free airtime to make our case.

After viewers complained to KLFY about the bias of the GOP forum, the station offered our committee free airtime to present the other side. We recruited Senator Mary Landrieu to participate and also recruited two knowledgeable healthcare professionals who support reform to take part in the panel — Dr. Mike Robichaux of Raceland and Dr. Nellie August-Prudhomme, a nurse who is on the faculty of LSU-Eunice.

The program will follow the same format as the original forum.

KLFY will record the forum on Saturday and broadcast it on Monday afternoon. KTBS in Shreveport will carry the forum in prime time on one of its sister stations. 

Get Well, Representative Badon!  Mike Stagg10/12/2009 
The Daily Advertiser reported on Saturday that state Representative Bobby Badon of Carencro was in a Lafayette hospital recovering from heart by-pass surgery that he underwent on Tuesday.

The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee wishes Representative Bobby Badon a speedy recovery. We will keep the representative and his family in our prayers. 

Democrats honored at event  Amanda McElfresh10/24/2008 
Four state and local leaders were honored for their service Thursday night with the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee's first Lifetime Achievement Awards. 

The Tipping Point  Jeremy Alford10/15/2008 
State Sen. Don Cravins is seeking to do the impossible - overtake an incumbent member of Congress, Lafayette's own Dr. Charles Boustany. If you believe the polls, he has a fighting chance.  

U.S. Senate candidates debate Iraq, health care   WILL SENTELL, Advocate Capitol News Bureau 10/13/2008 
In another dispute, Landrieu tried to rebuff Kennedy’s charges that her support of Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama over Republican nominee John McCain would play a role in who wins the Senate race.

“I know you are trying very hard,” Landrieu told Kennedy.

“But Sen. McCain’s coattails are not long enough for you,” she said, triggering cheers from some in the audience. 

John Kennedy, Mary Landrieu spar in 2nd U.S. Senate debate  Bill Barrow, The Times-Picayune 10/13/2008 
"John, I know you are trying hard," she told Kennedy. "But Sen. McCain's coattails are not long enough for you. . . . This race is between the two of us."

The two-term senator's rebuke of the third-term state treasurer drew the only audience applause of the night from the 200 college students gathered in a Louisiana State University auditorium.


Cravins ad highlights conservative credentials  The Independent9/9/2008 
Titled "our dad", the ad features Cravins' two children, Dominique and Don Cravins III, introducing their father, who describes himself as "pro life, pro gun and against higher taxes."


Life of a Delegate: DAY TWO  Stephen Handwerk8/27/2008 
The one thing I forgot to mention from Monday night was that Jimmy Carter’s mini Documentary with regards to Hurricane Recovery in New Orleans was quite moving. John Hadley, chairman from the St. Landry Parish Democratic Executive Committee looked over at me and said – “Stephen – we should stand for this” to which I quickly agreed and looked back at Deborah Langhoff – the Vice Chairman from Orleans Parish – and said – “hey, we are going to stand for this!” And we all jumped up and waved our flags slowly… While the mini documentary was playing I started getting text messages from friends in other delegations and they were saying how moving this was. 

Life of a Delegate: DAY ONE  Stephen Handwerk8/26/2008 
So right now it is about 1:30 am local time here in Denver. Many of us got back shortly before 10pm tonight local time. The transportation is actually quite good, so long as you are going to the main locations – DNC Hotels, The Convention Center or the Pepsi Center. 

Filtering Down  Jeremy Alford8/13/2008 
In attacking Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu on energy issues, Treasurer John Kennedy has picked up on a national GOP strategy that works better in Minnesota than it does in Louisiana.  

Dems’ Craving for Upset of Boustany Prompts New Rating in Louisiana House Race   Congressional Quarterly Politics8/1/2008 
"Cravins, running in a district with a strong overall conservative lean, also will emphasize some of his more conservative positions, including his support for gun owners’ rights. Before Boustany won the 2004 race for the seat Democratic Rep. Chris John left open to pursue a Senate campaign that failed, southwestern Louisiana had a longstanding, unbroken tradition of voting conservative Democrats into the House." 

Democrats tout Cravins  Jeremy Alford7/30/2008 
More positive Press coming in from all over - in this News report Jeremy Alford reports on the growing support State Senator Don Cravins is receiving in his bid to unseat Republican incumbant Charles Boustany. 

LPDEC Announces Endorsements of Senator Landrieu and State Senator Don Cravins for Congress  Stephen Handwerk7/29/2008 
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee at it's meeting last week voted to endorse Senator Mary Landrieu in her bid for re-election as well as State Senator Don Cravins, Jr. in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent congressman Dr. Charles Boustany. 

Congressman Boustany distorts his record to his constituents...again  State Senator Don Cravins, Jr.7/26/2008 
Congressman Charles Boustany sent out at Tax Payer Expense, a letter this week to his constituents that clearly distorts his voting record about the Doctors position on LACHIP... 

Senator Landrieu Fighting and Winning for Louisiana  US Senator Mary Landrieu7/25/2008 
Senator Landrieu releases SECOND ad of this election cycle:


DCCC Announces Don Cravins Added to Emerging Races List  DCCC7/24/2008 
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced today that Don Cravins Jr. (LA-07) has been added to Emerging Races because he is running a strong campaign that is generating excitement in his district.  

Veteran criticizes John Kennedy  David Brignac7/16/2008 
David brings to light many of the problems Kneely has in this race - not the least of which is his new support for "crazy on a stick." 

Reader thanks Cravins for insurance bill  The Advertiser7/16/2008 
Senator Cravins gets a "THANK YOU" from constituents. 

Senator Landrieu Fighting and Winning for Louisiana  US Senator Mary Landrieu7/16/2008 
Senator Landrieu launches FIRST TV Ad


Boustany Votes Against Middle Class Americans!   TheMiddleClass.org7/4/2008 
Millionaire Charles Boustany left the values of the people that voted for him behind whenever he went to Washington! Shame on you Boustany!  

Cravins goes on offense in race  The Advocate7/2/2008 
...Chides Boustany over pay raises ... At a time where Boustany has worked hard to prevent any raise in the minimum wage he has accepted several raises to his congressional salary. 

Pork Plate  Nathan Stubbs7/2/2008 
A great article exposing how Boustany is turning his back on the 7th Congressional District to curry favor with his far right Republican masters. This article also exposes John Kneely Kennedy's flip flopping and double talk on earmarks. 

The Rising Son  Jeremy Alford 6/11/2008 
A great article on Senator Don Cravins (Junior) 

Blue Monday News and Commentary  Blue Monday News4/14/2008 
It's and all new Episode this week of Blue Mondays! This week we get updates on Mary Landrieu and we also find out that David Vitter is a REALLY bad driver along with all his other problems - and why are the veterans so upset with McCain - AND Senator Vitter... ALl this and more - Click PLAY!


LEFTBLOG: Democrats turn out for Cazayou, and more on Vitter  Stephen Handwerk4/8/2008 
Cazayou goes on to take out WOODY JENKINS, Gilda Reed moves forward to fight against arch conservative Scalise and MUCH MORE... 

LEFTBLOG: Political mix-up, LeftBlog style  Stephen Handwerk4/1/2008 
Jindal breaks campaign promises, Lafayette Republicans FINALLY election their leadership, Senator Landrieu in Lafayette and MUCH MORE.... 

The LeftBlog  Stephen Handwerk3/25/2008 



Blue Mondays  Stephen Handwerk3/24/2008 

LeftBlog: ONWARD! Democrats pick up New Generation of Leadership  Stephen Handwerk3/19/2008 
Greetings everyone – and what a week this was. On Saturday the Louisiana Democratic Central Committee held our first meeting and recognized all of the new members that were elected from across the state. I was very proud to be there and be sworn in.

While there were some dust ups, as normally happen with the Democratic Party, the mood was upbeat and there was change in the air.


Onward! Democrats pick a new generation of leadership!  Stephen Handwerk3/18/2008 
I am sure some will disagree with this but our new Executive Committee is made up with a great set of NEW and younger individuals who I am confident will move the party forward, and a few “seasoned” faces that I feel very happy to be greeting again. 

THE FRESHMAN LAWMAKERS: Risks pay for Montoucet  Claire Taylor3/18/2008 
Representative from Scott touts biofuels as way to help farmers 

It is time for Vitter to go  Chris Whittington3/17/2008 
Baton Rouge: In light of the resignation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Chris Whittington, Chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party called for the immediate resignation of Louisiana Senator David Vitter. 

La. Democratic chairman elected to full term  Ed Anderson3/16/2008 
Baton Rouge lawyer Chris Whittington, who has served as chairman of the state Democratic Party for more than two years, was elected to a full four-year term Saturday, defeating a major rival who had the backing of some of the party's biggest names. 

LeftBlog: Vitter redux and FISA – Big Brother is HERE!  Stephen Handwerk3/11/2008 
With Governor Eliot Spitzer in a deep mess - All the news reports are back to reporting on David Vitter and his Follies - Also this week - FISA is being revisited after the House and Senate pass two separate Bills. Bush claims he will VETO if Immunity isn't included for the TelCo's - So much for this bill being vital to protect the American People.  

The Freshman Lawmakers: Badon keeps it positive  Claire Taylor3/11/2008 
Carencro representative brings business savvy to state Capitol 

LEFTBLOG: Saturday's results... Jindal's Ethics  Stephen Handwerk2/12/2008 
The Results. No real surprises on the Democratic Side. Even with the visit from President Clinton to the state on Friday, that was not enough to compete with the momentum the Obama team had put together. As I drove around on Saturday checking the different precincts I was very happy to see all the folks out on the corners with Obama signs. I didn’t see any for Clinton. I can tell you that I was very excited to see all the high school and college kids. Definitely shows some change a coming.

Obama was definitely helped by the 10 full days of Media buys that they made throughout the state. You could hardly watch TV without catching his commercial. This definitely helped him a great deal. To my knowledge Clinton didn’t make any media buys, that obviously hurt her. 

Blue Mondays for 2/11/2008  Stephen Handwerk2/11/2008 
Super Duper Tuesday Results and how they effect us!

LeftBlog: Goodbye to John Edwards, Super Tuesday and Treasurer Kennedy follies  Stephen Handwerk2/6/2008 
John and Elizabeth Edwards are an amazing couple and I wish things could have been different for this race, but History is being made and people are moving on and many of us are forced to choice another candidate. This is a very hard process for me. I picked John because he most closely resembled the values and goals that I feel are most important for this country. The two candidates on the Democratic side that are left both have good points, and they both have some drawbacks.... 

LEFTBLOG: It's time to get rid of REDFLEX  Stephen Hanwerk1/29/2008 

We now know why – when the doors close you hear an ex-parte conversation between the “adjudicator” and Tony Tramel – Director of Traffic and Transportation and RedFlex employees. The Adjudicator joins in the laughter and mocking of the brothers and even advises RedFlex on how to prevent “citations” from being thrown out. This is a blatant disregard of our rights. Simply by making this a CIVIL violation we have, through no action of our own, given up our constitutional rights as the burden of proof is so much lower.


Blue Mondays for 1/28/2008  Stephen Handwerk1/28/2008 
This week we sit down with the Democrat fighting for the Working Men and Women of Louisiana's 1st congressional district - Gilda Reed.

LeftBlog: Random thoughts on this Martin Luther King Day  Stephen Handwerk1/22/2008 

One article I found especially interesting was that by Marsha Sills entitled “Struggle marches on.” Interesting quotes by Ms. Je’nelle Chargois and Dr. Rick Swanson, they share a thesis I have long held and that is that basically Racism is alive and well, it just has a different name. The war on the Poor.

While John Edwards is not doing as well as I would have hoped nationally, he has spent the last few years calling attention to the “two Americas” – the one for the super wealthy and the other one that the rest of us call home. We are seeing this all over the country – the rich can do almost whatever they want – they can kill their spouse (allegedly) like OJ Simpson. They can rob from thousands of their employees like the folks at WorldCom and ENRON.


LeftBlog: LCRM is latest iteration of a destructive strain in Louisiana politics  Stephen Handwerk9/25/2007 
Mike Stagg fills in this week on THE LEFT BLOG where he discusses Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority 

Cortez The Killer: Vitter Scandal Chokes LCRM Cash Flow; Smear Campaign Strategy Affirmed   Mike Stagg9/21/2007 
Mike Stagg takes a DEEPER look into LCRM and their tactics and where all their money comes from. 

LEFTBLOG: Labor Day, Qualifying and Boustany not ready for Prime Time  Stephen Handwerk9/4/2007 
Appearing with Wolf Blitzer in “The Situation Room” Boustany goes to tell us how GREAT things are going in IRAQ. OH boy, Again I really thought that he would step up but he tries to tow the line for the Bush Administration and he gets called out on it.

Transcript available at the link above and here is the video:


Jindal avoids debates; does he fear questions?  Doug Robinson8/17/2007 
Is this the same Bobby Jindal who, during his first term in the House of Representatives, voted yes on a bill to weaken that body's ethics rules?

Maybe that's why he doesn't want to debate - because he'll have to answer questions like this and others.


Jindal MIA for Debates - What's he Affraid of?  Julie Vezinot-LADEMO.org8/15/2007 
"Bobby" Jindal keeps missing debates - it seems that political situation is just beneath him. We think he should be held accountable. Here is more on this subject

Coronation  Stephen Handwerk8/15/2007 
New Ad by the LA Democratic Party. NOT SO FAST BOBBY, You haven't been Coronated!


LeftBlog: National Scene  Stephen Handwerk8/14/2007 
Red States and "Purple states" are growing concerned about who will lead the Democratic Ticket next year. Their fear - LOW TURNOUT. 

LeftBlog: Joey Durel and Lafayette complacency  Mike Stagg8/7/2007 
Stephen Handwerk is traveling to DC this week, so Mike Stagg fills in. Mike previews what another 4 years of a DUREL administration would look like - that is if the past 3 years are any indicator. 

LeftBlog: Sicko  Stephen Handwerk7/31/2007 
Just went and saw Michael Moore's new film "Sicko" this week. You still there? Good - check it out... 

LeftBlog: Another big week in Louisiana  Stephen Handwerk7/24/2007 
First off, we had the JINDAL announcement tour that was preempted by the Vitter “I haven’t said anything, and I am done talking about it” press conference. This set off a flurry of attacks against Vitter from Republicans, including The College Republicans who were very upset about Vitter’s timing with relation to “Bobby” Jindal’s announcement tour. (OK, so who really didn’t know he was running?) 

Jindal Ducks the Question... again  Stephen Handwerk7/17/2007 
Jindal Continues to duck the question about Vitter.


LeftBlog: Ethics, poverty and prostitutes … all in a week in Louisiana.  Stephen Handwerk7/17/2007 
In perhaps the most historic ETHICS vote, Congressman Jindal voted AGAINST high ethical standards. One may question if this was in order to protect Tom Delay who has donated a great deal of money to Jindal’s previous campaigns – frankly this is a huge ethical issue, and illustrates when Jindal is given the opportunity to chose between his party and high ethical standards – he chose his party and cronyism.  

Handwerk Appears on Good Morning America  Stephen Handwerk7/16/2007 
Stephen Handwerk appears on Good Morning America's Town Hall Meeting with Senator John Edwards.

More on Edwards can be found here

LeftBlog: The TALKING JinDOLL and Walter Boasso  Stephen Handwerk7/10/2007 
Alright, so the Governor’s race is now heating up and we have several folks running – and really the only contenders who are really still “IN” this race are – Foster Campbell who has a huge GRASS ROOTS following and has been in Lafayette a Great Deal. Congressman Bobby Jindal who’s support seems to be dropping DAILY. And then you have State Senator Walter Boasso who is running some great TV commercials to introduce him throughout the state. 

The TALKING JinDOLL   Stephen Handwerk7/10/2007 

It's the TALKING JinDOLL - You won't want to miss this! Click the above link to hear ALL ABOUT IT! 

LeftBlog: LA House District 44 – meet the candidates  Stephen Handwerk7/3/2007 
Blogging LIVE from the CCGG candidate forum for District 44. District 44 is a really interesting district with a great deal of diversity. Currently the seat is being held by Wilfred Pierre who has held the seat for 3 terms, thus he is term limited from running for a fourth. This district is predominately the north eastern corner of the parish. 

LeftBlog: You get what you vote for… viva LA revolution?  Stephen Handwerk6/26/2007 
This week we take a further look into who is supporting Bobby Jindal - with friends like his... Who needs enemies! AND I look into the Lafayette Parish School Board's decision to "BUY OUT" Easton's Contract. 

Kershaw Resident of TN, NOT Louisiana  Stephen Handwerk6/19/2007 
In February of this year Sammy Kershaw filed for Bankruptcy Protection and he clearly states on these FEDERAL FORMS that his residence is in Tennessee. So surely HE can't run if John Breaux can't. Right? 

LeftBlog: Oh, Bobby and Joey's new ATM  Stephen Handwerk6/19/2007 
This week I take a look at the ongoing "Bobby" Jindal problems, the RED LIGHT camera mess we find ourselves in here in Lafayette - AND Sammy Kershaw is OUT as fast as he was IN? 

Boustany at it again...  Stephen Handwerk6/12/2007 
Boustany introduces "HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS BILL" as if it were such a WONDERFUL THING - Wonderful for WHOM?

This is like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. HSA's are only good for RICH people who can afford to invest and shuttle money into different accounts to reap the benefits - how about the tens of thousands of working poor in this congressional district that are without healthcare insurance adequate to take care of a real emergency or provide for meaningful preventative treatments and exams? When is the good Doctor going to address this issue?

If we had an extra $200 a month to sock into a "RAINY DAY SICK FUND" we likely would... however this plan will only help those fortunate enough to have the money to invest in themselves it will do nothing for the seniors who are still being forced to decide between food in their refrigerators or medicine to keep them healthy and alive. When will THEY be given the respect THEY deserve by legislation supported by this congressman? 

Conservative Cajun Gives PROPS to Lafayette Democrats!  Nick Bouterie6/6/2007 
Nick Bouterie, author of the Conservative Cajun Blog gives PROPS to Lafayette Democrats for keeping their folks updated. Though we find it very funny that he keeps bringing up this Article penned by Jindal where he participates in an Exorcism - when Jindal's people just want that to go away. Funny how they think TRUTH telling is MUDSLINGING...  

Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk6/4/2007 
SICKO hits theatres soon, get an advance look here, More of the same in Iraq reports Laura Logan from CBS News and Fox News Chimes in with Willam "The Bloody" Kristol, and a preview of SICKO the new film by Michael Moore who even REPUBLICANS are loving - is this a sign of the end?


Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk5/28/2007 
John Edwards and Danny Glover in New Orleans, Governor Bill Richardson releases NEW TV ads, Mother's Day Call to action and Impeach Alberto Gonzales - PART ONE - all this and more in THIS WEEK's BLUE MONDAYS!


Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk5/22/2007 
All New Blue Monday News segment - we take on the republicans head first this week - The issue - The Republican Debates! Take a look:


LeftBlog: What the Great Communicator didn't tell us  Ruth Yeager5/22/2007 
Ruth Yeager Pen's this week's LEFT BLOG - The Reagan myth is the centerpiece of today’s Republican party. It involves a great rewriting of history and redefining our national values, leaving out a lot of nasty actions and consequences that enriched and empowered the few at the expense of the American people. The failures of the Bush presidency are not because Bush turned away from conservatism, but rather because he embraced Reagan’s agenda to an extreme. Yes, the problem is with conservatism itself.  

Bobby Jindal MIA - Again  The Times Picayune5/17/2007 
It is being reported by The Times Picayune that "Bobby" Jindal missed a very important meeting where FEMA Officials were testifying on their readiness for the upcoming Hurricane Season - Jindal is the ONLY Louisiana Member on this committee - and he missed this meeting. What was he doing during this time? Campaigning? 

Mary and the Media   Jeremy Alford5/9/2007 
Senator Landrieu: As she readies for a tough re-election campaign, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is pushing two press-friendly bills through Congress.  

Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk5/7/2007 

This week in the NEWS - Bush Vetos the Troops, Edwards hits the airwaves - not for him - but for our Troops, Bobby Jindal gets SPANKED on the floor of the house by Chairman Barney Frank - and then by Governor Blanco and we have the video! - and our CLIP OF THE WEEK has Bill Maher diagnoses Bush.

Part Two

Interview with Grace Bauer of


LeftBlog: Supporting our Troops & Hate Crimes  Stephen Handwerk5/7/2007 
So I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with some of our brave soldiers that have just returned from over seas; two from Iraq and one from Afghanistan. These guys are just amazing and I was happy to get to speak with them.

These conversations all took place individually, but I really feel that these guys were able to be completely honest. I promised them that I was not going to reveal their names as they are all still in the service.

All three of these guys were happy to serve wherever and whenever they were called by the President. They all began with a clear focus on protecting America for the reasons that we can all agree make this country so great. However, they feel betrayed. 

LeftBlog: It's we the people, not the corporations  Stephen Handwerk4/3/2007 
60 Minutes took a look inside how this bill was passed in the wee hours of the morning after leaving the vote open for a previously unheard of 3-plus hours. You see, votes are set at only 15 minutes, but not this one.

This bill was lead by former congressman from Louisiana, Billy Tauzin. The initial intension of this bill was good: to add a prescription drug care program to Medicare so that our seniors could stop choosing between life saving medication and putting food on the table. Yet what we got was nothing short of a boondoggle for the pharmaceutical industry.


LeftBlog: The state of health care  Stephen Handwerk3/27/2007 
Now many of you will start yelling SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM and all that crap, but that is really hogwash. America has BY FAR the most expensive healthcare system in the WORLD… and yet we do not live longer, in fact by my last check we have a lower life expectancy than 14 other countries (all of those have a single payer type system) and we keep falling. Something is completely wrong here and must be dealt with swiftly. So I ask you, what should we do?  

LeftBlog: Who will be our next governor?  Stephen Handwerk3/20/2007 
One not to be counted out – Foster Campbell. Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is touring the state both Yesterday and today announcing his candidacy for Governor. And he has some very attractive ideas to show the citizens of this state. Campbell has wide appeal north of Alexandria and has quite a base in Lake Charles as well. With $1 Million in the bank and plenty of time, he is definitely one we should keep our eyes on to see what happens in the coming months. One thing for sure is, Campbell thinks “out of the box” and we definitely need someone at the helm that is going to tackle the problems we are facing and hit them head on. 

Campbell announces for governor  The Times Picayune3/19/2007 
True to the populist mantle he has wielded as a state senator and Public Service Commissioner, Campbell's campaign anchor is a proposal to impose new oil and gas processing taxes in Louisiana and eliminate the state's personal and corporate income taxes.

Campbell said the changes would strengthen the economy by boosting residents' buying power, while also helping businesses and creating a net gain for state coffers. He said it also would force an industry he describes as coddled to pay its fair share.  

LeftBlog: A clear, discernable pattern, Part 2  Stephen Handwerk3/13/2007 
Case in Point – U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired from his job as the top federal prosecutor in New Mexico after rebuffing Republican pressure to speed his investigation of Democratic officials in the state. Now we learn in reports that came out over the weekend that none other than Karl Rove was acting as a “conduit” for these complaints and that he met with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about them. 

LeftBlog: A clear, discernable pattern  Stephen Handwerk3/6/2007 
You may remember last year when a series of cuts were being made to programs and funding for services and we pointed out that only a small “incremental raise” was given to the VA system. We covered this on our show “BLUE MONDAYS” (On AOC Channel 15 every Monday night at 9pm) and I also made mention of it here in “The Left Blog” that we were very concerned as we had already had reports coming in from members of our own 256th who were reporting returning home with injuries received while in Iraq and that they were being stonewalled at getting the services they needed to make them whole again. We feared that this was the proverbial “tip of the iceburg”, now it appears that our suspicions were correct. 

Landrieu on Bush Visit: "We Need Real Action"  Sen. Mary Landrieu3/1/2007 
President Bush visits the Gulf Coast Region on the 18-Month Katrina anniversary and Senator Landrieu calls for immediate steps to advance hurricane recovery. 

Al Gore Wins Oscar  Stephen Handwerk2/27/2007 
SWLA Democrats congrats Al Gore for winning an Oscar for his documentary an “Inconvenient Truth.” To find our how you can take action visit You can watch the video of Al Gore at the Oscars by clicking on Read More.


Boustany makes Floor Speach - "America, Sweet America..."  Morons.org2/15/2007 
Charles Boustany (R-LA7) - "What would happen if we had a failed policy in Iraq?" Well Charles, I expect we'd see something like an uncontrollable insurgency, an ineffective central government, and an intractable civil war between the multiple sectarian groups present in Iraq. Oh.... wait....

Click the link above to read more of the recaps 

Senator Kennedy Stands up for Workers  Stephen Handwerk2/2/2007 
Senator Kennedy stands with the working Families of Louisiana & blasts the GOP for its attack on working people!


Bush meeting was indication of Landrieu’s moderate, bridge-building approach  The Advertiser1/10/2007 
Furthering the conversation on the important Role that Senator Landrieu now plays in the Senate - The Advertiser comes out with a favorable Op-Ed on the Senior Senator. 

Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk1/9/2007 
This week we have a great interview with Susan Hamilton of the Lafayette Parish Library Board of Controls where she discusses with Ruth Yeager the plans for the coming years – two new locations and one major renovation. You will definitely want to “check this out.” But first, as always – Progressive News and Commentary by Stephen Handwerk

Here is Part ONE - Click the Link Above for PART TWO.


LeftBlog: A new year, some light at the end of the tunnel?  Stephen Handwerk1/9/2007 
I can’t tell you the amount of pride and optimism I have for our country with breaking down yet another barrier for Women, as I saw Speaker of the House; Nancy Pelosi sworn in and take the gavel for the first time. I was basically raised by a single mother in a time where it was extremely difficult for women who have been divorced. Times have definitely changed for the better and I think that the breaking of this glass (actually Speaker Pelosi calls it Marble) ceiling MUST be seen as a good thing no matter what your political views of Representative Pelosi. 

John Edwards Announces he is Running For President  John Edwards12/27/2006 
John Edwards announces in New Orleans that he is running for President and officially kicking off his campaign TODAY. You can help. Watch the video and then click the above link and join his campaign.


Domenici-Landrieu Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act is LAW!  Sen. Mary Landrieu12/22/2006 
“Today is truly historic for the state of Louisiana,” said U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La. “Since I came to the Senate, I have been working to secure a dedicated revenue stream to rebuild Louisiana’s eroding coastline. Last year’s hurricanes rocked our state and made it more evident than ever that protecting coastal wetlands is a vital part of our national energy security. Today we took a big step forward to restoring our wetlands and protecting our many coastal communities. 

Mission is to promote Democratic Party  Frank Flynn12/21/2006 
The mission of the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee is to promote the Democratic Party, its principles and its candidates. The role of each party executive committee and its members - Democratic or Republican - is naturally partisan. more... 

Melancon moving on up  Gerard Shields - The Advocate11/17/2006 
Here is a GREAT article looking at Charlie Melancon and the Blue Dog Democrats. 

Congressman should serve people, not party  Layne St. Julien11/15/2006 
Boustany voted with the Republican leadership 96 percent of the time. In 2006, he's voted with President Bush 94 percent of the time, but in his district, 54 percent of voters are Democrats and only 23 percent are Republicans. Who has he served with his votes? Have you agreed with the national Republicans on 96 percent of the issues? 

Democrats favor oil revenue hike  The Advertiser11/15/2006 
Surprising "warm support" for Democrats from The Daily Advertiser. Two points - First by the title of this piece it gives the sense that Democrats are raising taxes on Oil, NOT the Case. And secondly - would it have killed them to illustrate that this is because Senator Landrieu has been working so hard on this?

I suppose I shouldn't "look a gift horse in the mouth..." but... 

LeftBlog: ... Are you KIDDING me?  Stephen Handwerk11/14/2006 
In Sunday’s Editorial from the Daily Advertiser entitled “Boustany’s challenge: Democrat Spending”, at first I thought it was a JOKE. But after reading it again I found that the author was serious… and I have one question – “What color is the sky in your world?”

..."Boustany isn’t the solution; HE’S PART OF THE PROBLEM. When it comes to economic problems Boustany is totally and completely incompetent.”

Republicans Comfort the Comfortable and afflict the afflicted with their policies – ENOUGH!

FACT – Republican BORROW AND SPEND have gotten us into this mess – just as they did under REAGAN – and Democrats will get us out of it… AGAIN." 

Blue Mondays - Guilbeau and Fazzio take on Election Night Returns  Stephen Handwerk11/13/2006 
Anthony and Tommy share their thoughts with us on the election Returns. Lafayette slaps the Durel Tax Down, and Democrats take over BOTH houses in DC. Regretfully Mike Stagg will not be joining them.

Click Here for Part Two of this episode. 

LeftBlog:Tax and spend... Republican?  Stephen Handwerk10/31/2006 
We need solid and bold leadership, of this I think we will all agree. Yet the people of Lafayette City and Parish deserve to have checks and balances in place to insure our will is being followed. It is not too much to ask of this administration, in fact, I believe it is the least they could do.

I strongly urge everyone to VOTE NO to the Sales Tax Increase until we have a better plan outlined. 

Blue Mondays SPECIAL - Senator Mary Landrieu  Stephen Handwerk10/30/2006 
This week we are joined by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu where she makes the case for the Senate Version of the Offshore Revenue Sharing bill. In the second part we continue with the Stagg Town Hall meeting. See part two here.


At its most recent meeting, the Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee voted to oppose the 1 percent sales tax increase on the November 7, 2006 ballot because City-Parish Government has already experienced an increase in its sales and property tax collections to record levels in every year since the Durel Administration took office, and future collections are also expected to reach record levels. Not only has this administration collected a record amount of taxes but it has spent a record amount of taxpayer money, and the 2006-2007 budget already includes a record amount of money to be spent on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. 

Landrieu: Revenue-sharing time short  PATRICK COURREGES10/24/2006 
Senator Landrieu appears in Acadiana on Monday. Stay tuned as the Senator will be our featured Guest on MOnday night's BLUE MONDAYS at 9pm on AOC Channel 15! 

Landrieu thanks locals for help during hurricanes  Jan Risher10/24/2006 
Taking an opportunity to say thanks to Acadian Ambulance and the people of Lafayette for their response during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu made a Monday morning visit to Acadian Ambulance's command center to meet with medics and other staff. 

LeftBlog: That Dog Won't Hunt No More  Stephen Handwerk10/24/2006 
I think we can officially retire the early 80’s “Tax and Spend Liberals” title, don’t you? 

Moyers On America: The Net @ Risk - Featuring the Lafayette Fiber Fight  Moyers on America10/18/2006 
Watch the entire documentary ONLINE! Lafayette is in "CHAPTER 2" for those of you looking for it, but we strongly suggest you watch the entire show. 

LeftBlog: Stagg is right for our District  Stephen Handwerk10/17/2006 
This week I make the local case as to why Mike Stagg is right for our District. Let me know your thoughts! 

Blue Mondays SPECIAL - Congressman Charlie Melancon  Stephen Handwerk10/16/2006 
Congressman Melancon joins us for the entire hour this week on Blue Mondays.

Here is Part ONE:

Here is Part Two:

Support Congressman Melancon by visiting his website 

Blue Monday News  Stephen Handwerk10/9/2006 

Click Here to see our interview with Michael McHale, chairman of the Calcasieu Parish Democrats.

Or you can click here for our show notes from this week's show. 

Local, State and National news  Stephen Handwerk10/3/2006 
Congrats to Brian Thomas, the youngest man ever elected to an Alderman seat in the City of Opelousas! We also look into the FoleyGate scandal and the key players of this unfolding cover up. And then we look at "State of Denial". 

LeftBlog:Front line in the war against working men and women right here in Lafayette  Stephen Handwerk9/26/2006 
I think most of us can agree that it is embarrassing what we pay our teachers. Yet if we are no longer making goods and services in this area, funding via sales tax is only going to diminish. There is only so much money we can make through McDonald’s and the sales tax on a Big Mac...

This problem is spiraling out of control, and I think the front line of this battle lands squarely at our front doorstep. The strike at PHI. 

Stagg: "Republicans confuse loyalty to party with effective representation"  Layne St. Julien9/26/2006 
Boustany's role in recovery – or his lack of one – came to a head when the Katrina parishes, hit a month earlier by a weaker storm, were awarded federal support for 100 percent of their clean-up costs while Vermilion, Cameron, and Calcasieu Parishes were denied similar special consideration. It seems that Boustany's conspicuous party loyalty both on the floor of the House (where he voted the party line an astonishing 96 percent of the time) and after Katrina (when he didn't hesitate to lay blame on Louisiana's Democratic state and local governments run over by the season's first great storm) didn't buy him – or his district – much. The Katrina parishes represented by Democrats did better than Boustany's Rita-affected parishes. 

“It is completely inappropriate as an appointed public official for Powell to take a stand to support Boustany in his race for Congress. He needs to work with both parties in helping Louisiana’s people recover from these disasters. It’s clear he used this anniversary visit as another attempt to try and sell the Bush message. I take it as an insult, not just as a Democrat, but as a citizen of this state,” Whittington said. 

LeftBlog: Supporting our troops is more than a sticker - Pt 2  Stephen Handwerk9/19/2006 
If we sacrifice our morals and standards that have made our country so great, then the terrorists win. They win by the American people allowing ourselves to stoop to their level. The United States is better than that. 

Early Voting starts THIS Monday 9/18  The Advertiser9/17/2006 
Early voting starts this Monday - Click this article for details. Don't forget to vote for GOOD DEMOCRATS! See your ballot above! 

Doublespeak causes fear, control, confusion  Bonnie Lamb9/17/2006 
Fear is used to manipulate and control the masses to get whatever it wishes: fear (Orange alerts, "foiled attacks"- no names, dates, explanations). Check parallel times of them under scrutiny and those events ... coincidental? 

Stagg Calls on Boustany to Renounce PAC Money in Wake of Ney Corruption Plea  Mike Stagg9/15/2006 
Democratic congressional candidate Mike Stagg called on Republican Congressman Charles Boustany to return over half of his 2006 campaign war chest and to renounce money from political action committees (PACs) today following Republican Congressman Bob Ney’s guilty plea in a bribery scandal. 

Stagg: Boustany ignoring job  PATRICK COURREGES9/14/2006 
Mike Stagg, not one to mince words, is on the offense with Boustany. Stagg said that despite being a member of the majority party in Congress, and the same party as President Bush, Boustany could not bring U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert into the area until 10 months after the storm. Stagg also said Boustany’s claims of having been “blindsided” by a Bush administration decision to cut off full federal funding of debris cleanup in Rita-affected parishes indicate the incumbent was not looking out for his district. 

Why we need more mathematicians, scientists and engineers to win the global economic battle   Sen. Mary Landrieu9/13/2006 
It’s long past time we made a serious national commitment to global economic competitiveness. Every day we delay making – and acting – on such a commitment, American workers lose more jobs overseas and more doors close on our children’s futures. 

Snake Oil: Charles Boustany in Lebanon  Greg Peters9/6/2006 
Snake Oil does it again this is definitely a series you want to pay attention. This week in the Snake Oil cross hairs is Dr. Charles Boustany. While tens of thousands of his constituents are still trying to find normal after their government has forgotten them, Boustany flies off to Lebanon. (It is worth noting - The Freshman Congressman does not serve on any - ANY international committee where this trip would have been necessary.) 

LeftBlog: Labor Day, or just a good day to have a BBQ?  Stephen Handwerk9/5/2006 
Per capita, Louisiana workers earn less than their counterparts in all of the other 49 states. It is a fact that our teachers, nurses, factory and even our fast food workers all earn less than their counterparts in every other state in this country... It seems clear, this administration has declared WAR on the Middle Class. More of us who grasp on to the last hopes that we will not be the next statistic to fall into the class of the working poor are watching our dreams melt away. At the same time our government is more concerned about IRAQ then they are about repairing our devastated coastal areas. 

Sen. Landrieu delivers Democratic Radio Address  8/27/2006 
This link is a direct link to the MP3 Audio File. Senator Landrieu does an outstanding job for pointing out the issues and how Democrats will fix them! 

LeftBlog: A year later and what do we have to show?  8/22/2006 
Charles Boustany should have been just as hawkish (if not more) as Congressman Melancon has been for his district. Instead, the week that FEMA ruled that Cameron Parish could no longer be given debris removal aid, Boustany claimed to have been “BLIND SIDED” by the FEMA decision. How could this be when his ONLY JOB should have been trying to make his district WHOLE again?

How you ask? Because Congressman Boustany was spending the week campaigning for Student Loan forgiveness. For college students hit by Rita and Katrina? Nope – For Heart Surgeons! That is right, while his constituents are struggling to find normal again after having lost EVERYTHING, Boustany spends a week of his time while Congress is in session campaigning to forgive loans to heart surgeons!  

LeftBlog: The New John Breaux  8/15/2006 
Through Senator Landrieu’s leadership and fully stepping into the masterful leadership role that Breaux forged, we are indeed lucky to have Senator Landrieu working so hard for us. I may not always agree with Senator Landrieu in the positions she takes, but I think that can be said of all statesmen. In order for progress to be made, dialog, debate and ultimately statesmanship must prevail and deals must be struck. No one side can be shut out, and compromises must be made. Senator Landrieu is leading the way on the national stage for Louisiana to fully recover, rebuild and improve and she deserves our respect and support. 

LeftBlog: Republicans hold minimum wage hostage for the ‘Paris Hilton estate tax cut’  8/8/2006 
In my opinion, this last round of votes on this issue takes their distain for the working poor of this country to new heights. Since Boustany is proudly on the record at a town hall meeting here in Lafayette where he stated “I won’t support an increase in minimum wage…” , it is obvious that he didn’t vote YES for this bill for the minimum wage increase – instead he voted to repeal the tax cuts to the Paris Hiltons of the country. 

Video story: NuComm will move here  8/7/2006 
A new call center will hire more than 400 by Sept. 1. (2:14 .mov, 5.3MB) 

Blanco: 1,000 jobs coming to Lafayette  8/7/2006 
As early as Wednesday, NuComm International, a Canada-based call center company, hopes to start hiring the 1,000 employees it needs for its new call center in the Northgate Mall. "It's going to produce a shot of adrenaline that north Lafayette has been trying so hard to get," said Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco.  

LeftBlog: Stem Cells: Hypocrisy reaches a new heights  8/1/2006 
So which is it? Destroying Human Life is wrong, thus in vitro fertilization is wrong and should be stopped. OR We should serve the greater good by using science to improve and preserve life. 

Landrieu: Senate Advances Offshore Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing Bill  7/31/2006 
Senator Landrieu leads the way in helping Louisiana recover from last years devistation and prepare for the future. “The vote today signals the Senate’s strong endorsement of a bill that would offer Louisiana a significant share of revenue from the energy production off its shores,” Sen. Mary L.  Landrieu, D-La., said. “With the revenue this bill would provide, we can put into place a long-term strategy to protect our people and our coastline.” 

LeftBlog: Your Doing a HECK of a job Johnny! ... And News Roundup  7/25/2006 
John Bolton nomination to be U.N. Ambassador, President issues first ever VETO, American Bar Association Condemns Bush’s use of Signing Statements, and More Tax Breaks for Millionaires 

LeftBlog: Gov. Blanco Stands Up for the Little Guy... And News Roundup  7/18/2006 
This past week Governor Blanco stood up to the LARGE (and ever growing) Telco industry and said “not on my watch” with her VETO of the so called “Cable Franchise Bill.” Make NO mistake, this bill hurts all of the cities in this state (arguably not Lafayette, as it was exempted out) but sets terrible policy.

Also - Cowboy Diplomacy and First Presidential Veto 

Sen Landrieu on Stem Cell Research Bills  7/18/2006 
“There is no doubt that embryonic stem cell research holds the promise of curing diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Even President Bush stressed in 2001 that federal dollars help attract the best and brightest scientists and help ensure that new discoveries are widely shared at the largest number of research facilities. He’s right. Federal funding not only allows us to encourage and financially support this research, it allows us to use the power of the purse to be sure it is done in the safest and most ethical way possible." 

Governor vetoes cable bill, few appropriations  7/12/2006 
Governor Blanco's Veto sends CLEAR MESSAGE that she is standing up for "the little guy". With vertually all of the mayors from throughout the state as well as the Police Juries against this bill, this was a clear win for the people of Louisiana. 

LeftBlog: Vote This Saturday... And Another thing!  7/11/2006 
Remember to vote this Saturday! We also take a look into the recent Supreme Court Ruling against the Bush Administration and new revelations by the Congress of yet another Intel Program the Bush Administration has hidden from Congress. 

Candidate to shun cash from PACs  7/6/2006 
LAFAYETTE — Lafayette Democrat Mike Stagg said Wednesday that he intends to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., R-Lafayette, in the Nov. 7 election for Louisiana’s 7th District Congressional seat, and does not need or want political action committee money to do it. 

Democrat Stagg to challenge Boustany  7/3/2006 
A Democratic candidate has stepped up to challenge freshman congressman Charles Boustany - the first Republican voters in District 7 have ever elected for office. 

Women Democrats for Change  6/26/2006 
The “Dean” of the Women Senators, Senator Barbara Mikulski, led this group of incredible women in their common purpose to set out to effect change on REAL issues facing Americans today; a stark departure from the divisive “Non-Issues” the Republican administration has been working on. 

Current climate of Politics.  6/20/2006 
I am reminded of a brightly lit Jackson Square approximately two weeks after Katrina hit New Orleans where President “Uniter not a Divider” Bush stated in part that this recovery will be one the likes that “we have never seen before.” Yet partisan tricks and games have cost the people of Louisiana dearly.


LeftBlog by Stephen Handwerk  6/14/2006 
Tax cuts for Everyone! ... Really? 

Landrieu: Big Victory in Hurricane Funding Fight  6/8/2006 
"$4.2 B Louisiana Housing Plan Fully Funded; Significant Sums for Levees, Other Needs Also Included."

Senator Landrieu continues to lead the way to insuring Louisiana can and will rebuild from the devistation we faced last year. We are very proud of your work senator, keep it up!  

Is it a sin to vote for Republican candidates?  Ron Bodin5/30/2006 
It is not a sin to be Republican, but in light of wars of choice, in light of a know-nothing president, in views of this administration's indifference to the victims of Rita and Katrina, in view of Republican unwillingness to enact a ban on abortions, in view of Republican apathy toward the poor and the working class, in view of Republican secrecy and out-and-out lies, perhaps my former pastor's words ring true.  

Privacy not protected by president's project  Ray W. Culter5/22/2006 
Now that the outrageous "phone record" project is out from under cover, President Bush avers that "the people's privacy is zealously protected." Hogwash. It would be hilarious if it weren't so serious - and insulting that they think we buy their story. 

Try facts for formulating opinion on price of gas  Kevin Duck5/21/2006 
Good business, good politics, corporate greed? You decide. 

Limited infrastructure, tax base hinder progress  Barbara J. Conner5/15/2006 
More public participation in the planning process will help speed designing a parish-wide comprehensive plan for development. In the meantime, public and governmental action can set interim guidelines until a completed plan is approved. 

Fulfill oath; raise the minimum wage  Kenny Liner 5/15/2006 
How would you like to try to raise a family on minimum wage?  

Gasoline offer ridiculous and insulting  Ray W. Culter5/14/2006 
So, the U.S. Senate (Repubs, at that!) wants to send each of us $100 to ease our pain at the gas pump. How ridiculous! How disgusting! How insulting! 

Ominous crises are facing our nation  Vic Hummert4/26/2006 
Years ago, we were warned about the troubles to follow in Iraq by then Secretary of State Colin Powell. He wisely said to President Bush: "If you break it, you own it." Powell meant that any intrusion into Iraq's territory, besides being a violation of international law, would embroil this nation in a war that will not be won, even by Pentagon admission. Our waging war in Iraq would drop a match into the pool of gasoline that describes politics of the Gulf region. Against all wise advice, Bush made his decision, reminiscent of Henry Kissinger's comment about an earlier fallen president, "If the president does it, then it is legal!" Mr. Nixon was brought down for a simple burglary.  

Republican legislators should be fired  Richard Warren4/12/2006 
The Democratic plan is simple - hire the best and brightest Americans we can find to manage our government agencies (instead of unqualified cronies), create an agenda that emphasizes real security for our nation, work for strong economic growth, provide affordable health care for all Americans and legislate for retirement security. If Republicans have amnesia, let me remind them that good Democratic programs created the largest middle class in the history of the world. 

ATTENTION: Displaced New Orleans Voters  4/10/2006 
For information on how to vote, where to vote and other information for Displaced New Orleans voters, click this link. 

Republican embarrassed by actions within party  Kevin Duck4/8/2006 
I am a registered Republican and have been for 21 years. Recent events have greatly disturbed me and caused me to question my affiliation. I am embarrassed by those who have represented our party. 

Senator Landrieu has had enough "lip service" from this President. If words could rebuild New Orleans (and I would add Cameron Parish) then it would have been rebuilt before the Staged Lights were removed from Jackson Square. It's time this President Stands up for Louisiana. 

What makes a person a loyal conservative?  Edward Hidalgo3/27/2006 
In the next election, people need to remember those accomplishments and vote in more from that party. The nation is not totally wasted yet. Help them complete the job. Oh, yes, we need a higher deficit. 

How do we comprehend $9 trillion debt ceiling?  Vic Hummert3/26/2006 
Joseph deMaistre (1753-1821) said, "Every country has the government it deserves." Future generations do not deserve what is occurring now. 

Senator Landrieu out in Front "Fighting for Middle Class Americans"  3/14/2006 
"The American people expect a budget that reflects their priorities and values," said Senator Landrieu. "Unfortunately, the Administration's budget proposal misplaces America's priorities, ignores our values, bypasses victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and squeezes the middle-class." 

U.S. morals sinking faster than Titanic  Jean Smith3/6/2006 
Torture destroys not only the victim's body, but the torturer's soul. 

Charge that liberals invent stories untrue  Stephen Handwerk3/5/2006 
The information is out there for people who want it, but I suppose it is easier to just deny it and go back to watching morning cartoons. 

Weakening Guard would leave states highly vulnerable  Editorial3/4/2006 
If Louisiana is facing the second half of a hurricane cycle that could add to the death and destruction of previous storms - and we have no reason to doubt the opinions of experts - we need the strongest National Guard possible. We believe the president is sincere in his reassurances to the states. Budget issues already in motion, however, must not be allowed to weaken the Guard. The nation's governors have made it clear that they will fight any reduction in Guard strength. It is important that our congressional delegation join in such a bipartisan effort. It should be a top priority. 

Tort reform doesn't benefit you, me  Robert Bourne3/4/2006 
Don't blame lawyers; blame insurance companies. They claim that premiums are high because of frivolous lawsuits and huge settlements, but the American Insurance Association stated, "The Insurance industry never promised that tort reform would achieve specific premium savings. ..." 

Secret energy meetings public record  Anthony Fazzio3/3/2006 
There's no right-wing conspiracy here, as one of your contributors suggests. Nah, corruption in the Bush administration is blatant. All you have to do is look. 

Drug import laws protect companies, not the U.S. public  Gene Flyte 3/3/2006 
In what is perhaps the best outline we have seen detailing the out of control perscription drug policy of this administration, this guest editorial shares his views and issues that are shared by Millions of American Citizens. 

It is time to raise the minimum wage now  Charles R. King3/2/2006 
I challenge anyone to write to this forum and defend the present amount. Fat cats and executives with exorbitant salaries, bonuses and pensions need not respond. Your opposition to an immediate increase in the minimum wage is inhumane and cannot be justified, but I dare you to try it anyway! 

Senator Landrieu to hold administration Accountable on Disaster Loan Program  3/1/2006 
On the heels of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) disaster loan program nearly shutting down twice last month, Senators Mary Landrieu, D-La., and John Kerry, D-Mass., called on the Bush Administration to report to Congress on the program’s financial status daily. More than six months since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, it is time to focus on the long-term recovery of the area, including getting money lent to families and businesses that need it.  

Halliburton to Get Paid Most of Disputed Funds  2/28/2006 
The Army has decided to reimburse a Halliburton subsidiary for nearly all of its disputed costs on a $2.41 billion no-bid contract to deliver fuel and repair oil equipment in Iraq, even though the Pentagon's own auditors had identified more than $250 million in charges as potentially excessive or unjustified. 

Professionalism, not privatization, needed for school bus safety  Frank Flynn2/22/2006 
The Lafayette Parish Democrats come out in support of the School Bus Drivers and urge School Board members to side with Professionalism. By Privatizing the system after the issues we have had in the last year and a half "would be like a doctor seeing a cut on your finger and then amputating your arm" these issues can be fixed without "Wal*Mart-tizing" our children's transportation, stated Stephen Handwerk. 

Addiction is caused by big oil companies  Anthony Fazzio2/20/2006 
Heck, common sense tells you if you were going to blame the addict, don't have secret meetings with the neighborhood dealer to figure out a way to make greater profits from the addiction. 

37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty   2/19/2006 
"A shocking 37 million Americans live in poverty. That is 12.7 per cent of the population - the highest percentage in the developed world." ... "Under President George W Bush an extra 5.4 million have slipped below the poverty line. Yet they are not a story of the unemployed or the destitute. Most have jobs. Many have two." 

Bush Approval Ratings Sinking... FURTHER  2/19/2006 
In this state by state polling you will see the Bush numbers lower everywhere in our country. It is especially interesting to note the "RED" states and how low their numbers are going as well.  

BREAKING NEWS: GAO reports Bush Admin spends over $1.6 BILLION in PR and Advertising  2/13/2006 
Shortly after revelations that this administration was paying pundants to report on issues they wanted to push - clearly propaganda - the GAO reports that in just over 2 years the Bush administration has spent over $1.6 BILLION dollars in YOUR TAX PAYER MONEY in ADVERTISING! All the while we can't afford to take care of the sick, feed school children... SHAME ON YOU President Bush! Read the story HERE.  

Bills would ease evacuee voting  2/9/2006 
Outstanding work put together by State Senator Charles Jones, D-Monroe, to help insure that eligible voters are still afforded their right to vote... no matter where they find themselves after Rita and Katrina.  

Governor Threatens to Block Energy Leases Off Louisiana  2/8/2006 
In her continueing efforts to demand that Louisiana gets it fair share of the Oil and Gas revenues from the Federal Government, Governor Blanco has stated that unless the Federal Goverment agrees to give Louisiana it's fair share of the revenues she will do everything in her power to block the leases off Louisiana's coasts. (It is worth noting that none of this results in additional taxes to the Oil and Gas Industry, they are already paying these fees. However we believe that as in other states Louisiana should share these revenues especially since the Federal Government is cutting its support for Louisiana.) 

Medical care provided without cost in Britain  Russel E. Pangle2/8/2006 
This author tells of his travels in 1975 where free medical attention was given to his daughter while in Brittain. With healthcare costs on the rise, insurance companies making record profits and more and more not able to access adiquate medical treatment, isn't it time we demand a nationwide single payer system? After all, GM, Ford and other corporate giants are asking for it! 

No checks, balances left on the federal level  Jean Smith2/6/2006 
The past is past. The pendulum again swings too far. So the Democrats, at a time in history, overstepped their bounds? So what? How does that fact excuse the rampant wave of the present administration's corruption? Or do two wrongs make a right? 

Blanco, she recalls (The Times of Acadiana)  2/1/2006 
Stephen Handwerk was recently interviewed by The Times of Acadiana regarding the Recall efforts led against Gov. Blanco. Here is the full article. 

Residents react to topics picked  2/1/2006 
Stephen Handwerk and Tony Fazzio were invited to attend a "WATCHING" forum of the State of the Union address at the Daily Advertiser. While much was discussed, here is the resulting article. 

Where's White House transparency?  Ron Roberts1/28/2006 
I'm disturbed that a myopic Kat Landry, who's admittedly never before been involved in a political activity, wishes to collect signatures to recall Gov. Blanco, yet doesn't find fault with a Bush administration rife with corruption, cronyism and shortcomings after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 

Make administration speak up  Claude Faulkenberry1/27/2006 
I want our elected representatives to be on the front lines demanding a full and unrestricted release of information by the executive branch. If they cannot represent us, then they need to be recalled and people elected that will put Louisiana first and political agendas last. 

9/11 unconnected to U.S. invasion of Iraq  Tom Van Wagoner1/27/2006 
The attacks of 9/11 have no connection to the war in Iraq, other than their use by neo-conservatives in the White House as an excuse to act upon their long held desire to remove Saddam Hussein from power andestablish American military dominance in the Middle East. 

Senior citizens voice Medicare frustration  1/27/2006 
In a recent attempt to "help people" congressman Boustany has been making Town Hall Meeting Appearances where he attempts to "explain" the new Medicare Drug program. This article looks at the real problems and while Congressman Boustany is the first to mention that he wasn't in congress when this POOR plan passed, it is his party leadership and the Drug industry that put together this program that only lines the pockets of the Drug Manufacturers and leaves our seniors penniless and sick. 

Blanco recall petition will gain nothing  Donald Bujol1/27/2006 
The action would handicap a state already severely burdened. If she is deemed unable to handle her duties, let the voters decide not to re-elect her, should she run.  

Landrieu: President Bush Is Number One Obstacle To Louisiana Rebuilding   1/26/2006 
“The people of Louisiana have a plan. What we need is a willing, creative and enthusiastic partner in the federal government. We need the president to be our number one champion and not our number one obstacle.” 

Criticism of government is our right and duty  Jean Smith1/20/2006 
The outright hypocrisy of the Bush administration (coupled with the blatantly demeaning statements like the Pavlov analogy) pushes me ever closer to becoming a Democrat. Shouldn't all citizens be allowed dissent over the ills and corruptions of any administration without the opposition at our throats like a mad dog? 

Offer opinions only if you know the issues  Nick Mouledous1/19/2006 
Also, let's try to understand that God and religion do not need to be present in every argument about every issue. 

U.S. checks, balances still important to safety  Alfred Boustany1/18/2006 
The courts throughout this country issue wiretap orders which allow the government to secretly listen to the private conversations of American citizens. But in all cases, a judge must first determine if the government has a lawful basis for seeking the wiretap. 

What's in a name? King street naming controversy turns divisive  1/16/2006 
In the ongoing debate regarding the renaming of a prominant Lafayette Street to honor Dr. King, this article shows the divisive issue this has become. Perhaps most perplexing is the members of the consolidated council who do not seem to realize why this is an important issue. We encourage the members of the Council to step up and offer a real solution and not let the rhetoric get in the way. It is disingenuious to claim one side is using RACE as a wedge issue when the other side seems to be saying that Race is a NON-Issue in this consideration. Those who do not feel strongly about honoring both Dr. King and Rosa Parks do not understand the struggles that happened not so long ago. We urge the council to start talking with each other, and not so much AT each other. 

Name expressway after Rosa Parks, Dr. King  William L. Goode1/16/2006 
In the ongoing debate in Lafayette about the re-naming of a street to Honor Dr. King, this author points out that another brave person should be considered as well. He writes "Rosa Parks ignited the movement in a way never done before. While our country has come a long way since those dark days of segregation, the fight for racial equality for all American citizens is far from over." 

Sen. Landrieu Celebrates life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  1/15/2006 
Senator Landrieu comments on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Governor's testimony was straightforward  Mark Miller1/15/2006 
In what appears to be a response to the few individuals attempting a "recall" pettition, this Lafayette Resident cuts right to the point with "There is important work to be done. Gov. Blanco is doing that work. It would be more productive if concerned citizens joined that effort, rather than spewing partisan attacks." 

Repeal act that gives BellSouth leverage to delay fiber plan  John St. Julien1/14/2006 
John lays out clear and consise reasoning as to why the Law Passed in the state legislator needs to be repealed, mostly due to the bad faith of Bell South.  

Upset about Boustany wage, corporate stance  Stephen Handwerk1/13/2006 
Stephen Handwerk points out the errors in Congressman Boustany's position to abolish Minimum Wage and remove regulations from business. 

State Democratic Party Invites YOU to meet the "Ragin Cajun" - James Carville  1/11/2006 
The Louisiana Democratic Party invites YOU to attend a reception breakfast with James Carville. We hope to see you all there. For more information, please click the link above. 

Boustany Flip Flops and tries to have it both ways...  1/10/2006 
In a not so surprising Flip Flop Congressman Boustany has reversed his terse statement to the public from last Wednesday and has agreed to donate the tainted money to charity. Too bad he can't change his votes too. Boustany claims he doesn't want there to be questions about his integrity, then why was one of his first votes to protect Tom Delay by gutting the Ethics Committee? 

Congressman Boustany: "I would vote to repeal Minimum Wage..."  1/5/2006 
Last night it was clear, Charles Boustany thought he was walking into a love fest, but what he got was clearly anything but. Last night almost 50 people (yes including 5 local activists) attended Boustany's Town Hall meeting where he touted how "attainable" and approachable he is (funny, we haven't seen him except at huge fund raisers). But he was pressed on several issues outlined in this article plus you can also read my blog entry about this event as well by clicking here

All Americans should condemn illegal actions  Alfred Boustany1/4/2006 
Let us wait patiently for a Congressional investigation, and if Congress concludes that this president ordered illegal wiretaps to secretly listen to private conversations of American citizens, I hope to read Mr. Louviere's letter condemning such conduct. I will thank him for being a patriotic American who cherishes the freedoms for which so many Americans have died. 

Passing the Bucks  1/4/2006 
FINALLY someone in the local press addresses this hugely important issue - Congressman Boustany is obviously in the pocket of these corrupt power brokers and has sold his votes to them at the expense of the citizens of the 7th district. 

Veterans must predict when to become ill  Alwood Langlinais12/24/2005 
If Democrats should not throw rocks at the Republicans in power, the congressional Republican majority and President Bush need to put their priorities in the rightful place by putting Americans first and veterans at the top of the list. 

Wiretaps violate Bush's oath of office  Alfred Boustany12/22/2005 
If President Bush authorized illegal wiretaps of private conversations of American citizens, he violated his oath of office and broke his social contract with the American people. 

Celebrating the Bill of Rights  12/15/2005 
Kudos to Jan Risher at the Daily Advertiser for doing this article on the Bill of Rights. To think that our friends on the RIGHT would not want something like this publishes is unbelievable to me. In fact, I heard of a poll that was conducted of High School students where almost 80% of them said that Freedom of Speach wasn't that important. WHERE are we living and What are these kids being taught? Thank you Daily Advertiser and thank you Jan Risher! 

Tax cuts to rich shouldn't come at Gulf Coast expense  The Advertiser12/13/2005 
Finally more people are starting to wake up! The Bush Administration and his loyal followers like Charles Boustany, David Vitter, Bobby Jindal, Baker, McCrery and others are continuing to give tax cuts to themselves and other UBER Rich people while taking away programs from the poor, working poor and now the GULF COAST. 

Documents Show Bush wanted a Power Grab during Katrina  12/6/2005 
In this article it seems clear the Bush Administration was more concerned about it's image than that of the people suffering in New Orleans. Instead of being a resource it is clear they were a pitfall to Louisiana. This is one of the best and most concise articles I have read concerning the several thousand pages of documentation from Katrina. 

Senator Landrieu Honors Americas Veterans  11/11/2005 
WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., honored America's veterans today with the following remarks, which are printed below as they appear in the Congressional Record. Tomorrow, Senator Landrieu will join other members of Louisiana's Congressional delegation for a Veterans' Day celebration at the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. 

Who will pay for unwanted children?  Barbara Aucoin11/11/2005 
In another GREAT letter to the Editor, Barbara Aucoin stirs an interesting issue. Who WILL take care of them? Right now we have hundreds of thousands of children in Foster or State care throughout the nation, and this administration while pushing the "HOT BUTTON" of Roe, behind the nations back they are cutting the vital programs that sustain children once they are born. Protect the Fetus but forget the child seems to be their method. There MUST be a better way. 

This Week's Meet The Democrats  11/7/2005 
This week's Host - Stephen Handwerk (District 5; LPDEC) interviews Anthony Fazzio regarding his recent letters to the Editor that appeared in the Daily Advertiser. We have seen little recent attention placed on the torture (possibly still happening) in IRAQ. We will post links to all the information discussed at

Americans should not stoop to terrorist tactics  Jean Sellmeyer Smith - Crowley11/2/2005 
Perhaps Mr. Louviere is unaware that Republican Sen. John McCain, (a POW for many years) now speaks out against torture, struggling to enact legislation stating that the American military may no longer use these inhumane tactics despite any awful method of our foe. If America stoops to torture, we become terrorists, too. According to Sen. McCain, "It's not about who they are, it's about who we are." 

Use legal laborers to rebuild Gulf Coast  Andrew Bullock10/30/2005 
Of course, if workers were hired legally, their conditions would have to be monitored; benefits would have to be given, which apparently is too big a sacrifice for the billionaire CEOs and contractors who rake in the profits of government-sponsored, no-bid contracts. But remember, folks, we're dealing with the usual suspects: Halliburton once again is given the responsibility of mammoth rebuilding projects, without true qualifications or fair competition. 

Bill would allow displaced voters a voice  10/28/2005 
Senator Landrieu and Rep. Melancon again are leading the way to protect Louisiana Citizens from being denied their right to vote after the devistation of Katrina and Rita. 

Landrieu: What House "Reconsidering" Unfair Offshore Energy Policy  10/28/2005 
“My hope is that Secretary Bodman’s response is not more hot air, but a refreshing and honest turning point in our nation’s energy policy,” Landrieu continued. “In order to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our state must have a fair and complete energy revenue-sharing plan to help provide the resources we need to rebuild our protective coastal wetlands.” 

Bush momentum lost? Harriet Miers' withdrawal adds to turmoil  10/28/2005 
Political pundits across the nation are asking whether recent turmoil stemming from the Miers nomination, the arrest of Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and a grand jury investigation of White House officials, combined with this week's milestone of 2,000 American soldiers killed in Iraq, signals a loss in momentum for the Bush administration. 

**UPDATED: White House Heeds Landrieu’s Call  10/27/2005 
JUST UPDATED - We now have Links to the Press Conference!

After weeks of pressure by United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., and others, particularly Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., the White House today announced that it would rescind its waiver of the Davis-Bacon Act effective November 8, the Associated Press reported. The 1931 law ensures that workers employed under federal contracts receive the standard prevailing wage – or local average wage – for their trade. The President had unwisely suspended these rules last month following Hurricane Katrina. 

Boustany should return DeLay money  Joshua Clegg Caffery, Breaux Bridge 10/27/2005 
I am writing about an issue that I feel is undereported in your paper. One of the biggest news stories in the country right now is Tom DeLay's indictment and the corruption of his political action committee. 

Study: Louisiana LAST for Work Environment  10/25/2005 
What should be a HUGE wake up call to employers and to our elected officials, the University of Massachusetts study measured where workers are treated best, base on factors including job opportunities, job quality and workplace fairness. 

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., called on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship today to investigate federal contractors’ hiring of low-wage undocumented workers for Gulf Coast Reconstruction. In a letter delivered this morning to the Subcommittee’s Chair and Ranking Member, Senators John Cornyn, R-Tex., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., Sen. Landrieu called for hearings into the Department of Homeland Security’s response to the growing problem, and encourage more thorough action on the part of the federal government. 

Defending the Indefensible  10/24/2005 
For an administration who campaigned on bringing back "honor and dignity" to the office of the President, we are seeing just the opposite. This administration has obstructed justice in the Plame matter but this is a house of cards. As the indictments come this week we will see that this administration lied to take us to war and then attacked anyone and everyone who questioned them. And now they are stating that the only indictments that could come down are on technicalities like Perjury and Obstruction! Is this not what they impeached a president for? 

Torture in Iraq  10/23/2005 
The New York Review of Books has published an excerpt of a report from Human Rights Watch: "Leadership Failure: Firsthand Accounts of Torture of Iraqi Detainees by the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division." Read this to understand

how this administration has allowed torture to become a "sport" for US soldiers in Iraq. 

Bankruptcy Act will harm hurricane victims  Carol Gaudin, New Iberia10/21/2005 
It is unbelievable to me that Louisiana senators and congressional representatives are not up in arms about several actions taken after Hurricane Katrina which will harm rather than help the people of Louisiana. 

PSC upholds LUS fiber-to-home plan  10/20/2005 
Bell South and Cox are at it again, this time after the PSC voted UNAMIMOUSLY on the side of Lafayette, they asked the PSC ... But Pretty Please, reconsider the PSC said - NO!. Bell South and Cox, after asking for a vote on this and waging an ugly fight against us will now cost the city hundreds of thousands more in legal fees just to delay us. 

ACLU protects freedom of and from religion  Bill W. Shaw Jr.10/19/2005 
The Constitution's First Amendment not only protects our freedom of religion but also protects our freedom from religion -- a principle I'll bet Severson finds precious whether he realizes it or not.  

Landrieu bill would forgive some of La.'s loans  10/19/2005 
WASHINGTON -- U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., on Monday introduced legislation that would allow the forgiveness of up to $750 million in federal community disaster loans for Louisiana. 

Senators, laborers decry suspension of wage law  10/19/2005 
"Waiving the Davis-Bacon Act for federal projects in this area opens the floodgates for out-of-state workers. Those out-of-state workers displace local residents who, more than anything, need a good paying job and a living wage."

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., pledged to have Knight's contract reinstated and to have the person responsible for terminating it apologize to the company. 

Vitter breaks promise to Louisiana veterans  Elzie "Sonny" Fitzgerald10/16/2005 
The Republican Party defeated this amendment by a vote of 51 to 48. Sen. David Vitter, R.-La., voted against this amendment. When he was running for this seat he was on local talk shows around this state telling veterans he would be a strong supporter for veterans benefits. As of this date, I have yet to find a bill Vitter voted for that would help the veterans of this nation.  

Sen Landrieu: "Don't Abandon Louisiana Again..."  10/6/2005 
Senator Mary Landrieu again stands up for Louisiana as it seems many in the Congress have now forgotten about us. 

Save money and vote reliability  Barbara J. Conner, JD10/4/2005 
An issue of vital importance - Voting. Louisiana has some serious decisions to make and the new voting machines should be top of everyone's list of "things to watch in Louisiana." 

Interfaith Alliance joins with Representative Charlie Melancon  9/30/2005 
The Interfaith Alliance joins with Representatives Charlie Melancon

(D-Louisiana) and Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi) in urging you to create an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate the failures endured during and post-Katrina.  

Gov. Blanco's Opening Statement to US Senate Finance Committee  9/28/2005 
Gov. Blanco flew to Washington DC to offer testimony today where she did a great job in relaying the urgent and ongoing needs that Louisiana has and made the case as to why it is so important that the US Congress act fast to help us. Read her opening statement here. 

Gov. Blanco on Michael Brown's Testimony  9/27/2005 
This press release from Governor Blanco shoots back at the "horse show manager" turned FEMA Chief calling his testimony "out of touch with the truth or reality." Read it all here. 

Prisoner abuse said to be cruel, inhumane  Anthony Fazzio9/25/2005 
In a follow up to his previous article from 8/14/2005, Anthony Fazzio follows up to all of the letters from ill informed local republicans accusing him of making this up - Their own Republican leadership admit these accusations. Perhaps local republicans should READ and UNDERSTAND first, rather than jumping into their Rove talking points. Read it all here. 

We can do Better - More Republican Give-A-Ways  9/22/2005 
In another great outline of the Democratic approach to dealing with our Deficit. Republicans have grown government and have been spending our money like drunken sailors. Now they propose to cut MEDICAID to fund IRAQ and rebuild from Katrina. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

Blanco says feds pledged buses   9/21/2005 
In perhaps the most candid interviews we have heard to date, Governor Blanco reveals what really happened during the days just after Katrina hit.  

USAToday: Guard relief hurt by obsolete equipment   9/20/2005 
Many quipped at Gov. Blanco and other Governors when she stated our Gaurd left here in the US are desperately under supplied with the equipment they need to serve their vital role in protecting the homeland. 

Cajundome waiting for FEMA funds  9/20/2005 
In yet further FEMA issues, the Cajundome who stepped up at the begining to help STILL has not received money to help it keep it's doors open and it is reported in this article that it must receive money to meet it's payroll this week. 

Top Bush Official Arrested in Corruption Probe  9/20/2005 
In yet another chapter in the unfolding corruption probe into Jack Abramoff, a senior Bush Official is arrested. Reading this and other articles leads us to believe this is just the tip of the Iceberg. NOTE: Senator Vitter has close ties to Jack Abramoff as well and is said to be being investigated as well. Rep. Charles Boustany has also accepted large funds from Delay and others central to this investigation. 

Why not help instead of blaming Blanco?  Eddie Gonzo Garcia9/17/2005 
In response to Barbara Aucoin's letter: What a terrible thing to read early on Monday morning, while Mother Nature's fury is still so fresh upon us. You want to blame our very honorable governor, in her darkest hour, when maybe you should try helping her instead.  

Vote out all our elected officials  Doug Daniel - Lafayette9/17/2005 
President Bush spent his working vacation in various areas of the country trying to sell his "Put Iraq First" policy. If this had happened in Iraq, the president would have moved heaven and earth to make sure the Iraqi people had everything they needed. The President did do a low fly-over on about Day 4 and came back on Day 5 for the photo-op. FEMA didn't even show up until about Day 3 after the weather cleared. Bush will go down in history as the president who let Louisiana and the Gulf Coast drown. The federal government has proved that it is too big a bureaucracy to do anything in an efficient and meaningful manner. 

Response to Katrina typically conservative  E. Hidalgo9/16/2005 
Why was there very little concern to help desperate Americans in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast? I wonder how many died waiting those five to six days while this good administration was vacationing and unconcerned? This was classic "conservative Republican" action when it comes to poor people. I saw that which they apparently did not. Poor Americans begging for food, water, medicine and a way out. This went on for five to six days before Bush woke up. 

Not the New Deal  Paul Krugman9/16/2005 
"Now it begins: America's biggest relief and recovery program since the New Deal. And the omens aren't good." Krugman goes on to outline what is really happening in the effort to rebuild the gulf Coast after Katrina. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that the president has gotten rid of the Davis-Bacon rules that insure that contractor pay the "prevailing wage" to those working for them. By doing this this is a huge windfall yet again to the Shaw Group and Halliburton and forces those already struggling to get by lower wages. This article is a MUST READ. 

The Timeline  9/15/2005 
Tired of hearing the attacks on the State and local government, this timeline shows an accurate accounting of all actions taken. You be the judge as to who should be accountable for the failed response to the worst national disaster in our country's history. 

Those inciting fear are real criminals in this catastrophe  Lisa LeBlanc9/6/2005 
Those of you who have judged others, who still judge today, who voice racist comments to your neighbors, who believe, somehow, people deserved what they got, who are inconvenienced by the traffic, who have bought weapons instead of new underwear for displaced children, those corporations who did not save their employees and the federal government that is supposed to protect its citizens, those are the real criminals and thugs in this catastrophe. 

Poor decisions, funding cuts worsened effects of disaster  Phillip Harmon9/6/2005 
George Bush has done nothing but weaken our country in many ways, and we were shown a prime example in the unmitigated devastation caused by Katrina. At least he ended his five-week vacation two days early for us. 

Under fire, president attempts to regain equilibrium  9/6/2005 
It is a shame that the Bush Administration acted FASTER in the Death of the Chief Justice than they did to Katrina. -- "After angry complaints last week about delays in mobilizing federal help for hurricane victims, criticism of Bush's light-hearted recollection Friday of his youthful partying in New Orleans and failed efforts to blame local and state officials for problems, the president and his aides tried Monday to regain a sense of equilibrium." 

Factors behind levee breach are impossible to excuse  E.M. Simien-Amling9/6/2005 
According to articles in the Times-Picayune and statements by emergency management chiefs in New Orleans, it was made clear that the Bush administration slashed funding for Corps of Engineers' projects to strengthen and raise the New Orleans levees and diverted the money to the Iraq war. 

Plan needed for those unable to flee from storms  The Advertiser Editorial Board9/4/2005 
How do we justify the fact that thousands of poor, elderly, handicapped and ill people were left in the storm's predicted path, waiting for the worst, while the more fortunate escaped to safety? 

Sen. Landrieu calls Presidential Visit to New Orleans a Photo Op  9/3/2005 
Senator Landrieu obviously fed up with the lack of response from the administration to Katrina issued the following statement Saturday. 

Is the Word of God eternal, unchanging?  Heath J. Doucet9/2/2005 
I would like to thank President Bush for doing so much to educate people. I understand why he would propose and support an amendment banning same-sex marriage. As he said, "in the eyes of God marriage is based between a man and a woman." Leviticus 18:22 states homosexuality to be an abomination. Leviticus 25: 44 states that I may possess slaves, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. Does this apply to both Canadians and Mexicans? 

Sen. Landrieu Calls on the President for ACTION  9/2/2005 
Senator Landrieu FRUSTRATED with the slow response from FEMA and the Administration issues a strong call on the President to appoint a cabinet level person to be in charge of recovery efforts. We join senator Landrieu in her call for immediate action. 

Sen. Landrieu's office Issues updated Katrina Help information  9/1/2005 
Senator Landrieu's office has issued the following information for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. In this document you will find a whole host of information available for those who need assistance and for those who want to help. 

LPDEC Joins State Party in asking for Help  8/31/2005 
Lafayette Parish Democrats join the state party in asking for help for the refugees of Hurricane Katrina. Here are some helpful numbers for those who can help out these hard hit people. 

Sen. Landrieu Pledges Federal Support for Areas Affected by Katrina  8/31/2005 
“My office in Washington is working around the clock with other members of the appropriations committee including Chairman Thad Cochran of Mississippi to compile a list of anticipated needs for the people of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Once local leaders can fully assess the damage, we will be ready to help ensure quick passage of an emergency supplemental appropriations bill to provide necessary and immediate support." 

Shrinking La. Coastline Contributes To Flooding  8/30/2005 
Senator Landrieu has been warning for years the needs New Orleans Metro area has if a deadly hurricane were to hit. Tragically our worst fears have been realized. 

Blowback is reason for the 'created' war  Ken Meaux - Kaplan8/28/2005 
BLOWBACK is the reason, not the fanatical reasons gushed out daily by right-wing hate radio hosts or by the "Comedian-in-Chief" in Washington. 

Republicans control U.S. Supreme Court  Anthony Fazzio8/28/2005 
First, it means Republicans have controlled the U.S. Supreme Court since 1991. For the last 14 years, a Republican Supreme Court could have done whatever it wanted to do, even reverse Roe v. Wade. Further, Supreme Court cases like Kelo v. City of New London, which held that a corporation could take a man's home, are the result of conservatives favoring big business over working families. 

Democrats not 'polar opposites' on issues  Michael Tatman8/27/2005 
Mr. Tritschler, Democrats do not stand as polar opposites on all of these issues. To your enlightenment, there are many Democrats that believe in these very fundamental philosophies. Some may just disagree with how these are accomplished. Some may just be more enlightened and intelligent to understand and accept that it is okay to disagree on these philosophies without labeling, mocking, or degrading those who disagree with them. 

Lafayette Parish Democrats call on the PSC to side with the Voters  8/24/2005 
Executive committee member Gobb Williams said Lafayette residents were under the assumption the July 16 vote, which BellSouth and Cox sued to force, would settle the issue. Now the companies are fighting the project in the Public Service Commission, he said.

"We strongly feel it's being undermined," Williams said. "Why did we have the election? Why did we vote?" 

Republican's CAFTA sacrifices state's farmers  Quin Allain8/24/2005 
This writer correctly identifies the problems with this administration's lack of concern for Louisiana and it's farmers throughout the country. We are still feeling the effects of NAFTA and CAFTA will hurt Louisiana even more. The Bush Administration should be ashamed of itself. 

Cuts to social agencies unforgivable  Tom White8/23/2005 
How sad it is that our Lafayette Consolidated Government has chosen to no longer fund many social agencies. To sacrifice Meals On Wheels, The Faith House, St. Joseph Shelter and to double the cost of heath coverage for employees is unforgivable. 

Parish Democrats Call on PSC to Approve LUS Plan  8/23/2005 
The Lafayette Parish Democrat Executive Committee called on the Louisiana Public Service Commission to approve without hesitation the LUS Plan to bring Fiber Optics to every home and business in our city. "The will of the people has been made quite clear on this matter, and with Bell South's refusal to offer us these services, Lafayette is forced to proceed on it's own or risk our future on inaction" said Stephen Handwerk - Committee member from District 5. 

Lafayette 9th Most Conservative - NOT SO FAST  The Advocate8/23/2005 
This is a good article with a great deal of information that calls into question the recent publication from California on the Most Liberal and Most Conservitive Cities in the US. How can the 9th most conservative city in the nation approve by almost 2/3 of the vote a Progressive issue such as Municiple Fiber to the Home? 

Energy bill shows leadership failure  Wendy Veronie8/21/2005 
America needs a bold new energy strategy, but the president and the Congress have punted. This energy bill is just another corporate giveaway that ignores forward-looking solutions, fails to help Americans at the gas pump and deepens our dependence on foreign oil. 

Send Congress to travel in death traps  Rosemary Domingues8/18/2005 
Would you agree that the next fact-finding trip for every member of this Congress should be a six-week tour in Iraq spent accompanying our soldiers in an ill-equipped Hummer, or on Night duty without proper night vision glasses or in battle without sufficient ammunition? 

Rove manipulates 'moral values'  Jean Smith8/17/2005 
With the election long past and the "Christians for Bush" bumper stickers long discarded, a controlling zeal rages on while moderate Christians feel hijacked, hoodwinked, caught in the middle. They wonder, is salvation even possible with religion and politics joined at the hip. 

ACLU misrepresented by columnist  Paul D. Forrest8/16/2005 
I read with some alarm the column by Donna Greco enumerating her many perceived horrors promulgated by the ACLU. While I agree that many of the cases addressed by the ACLU involve individuals who were as guilty as sin, the ACLU exists to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties of us citizens. But there were so many misrepresentations and outright falsehoods in Ms. Greco's column that I felt compelled to respond. 

Omission of factual information from school textbooks disturbing.  Robert L. Russell 8/15/2005 
In the 1960s the pressing questions on education were "Why can't Johnny read?" and "What's with that new math?" The Bush administration developed the No Child Left Behind doctrine to give the appearance of a nurturing attitude towards education. Then it decided not to fund the program.  

Iraq rape rooms remain under new management  Anthony Fazzio8/14/2005 
To stop further public revelation of wicked conduct, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are working frantically to prevent regulation of the confinement of detainees even if the detainees are children. As one reporter observed, "the rape rooms of Iraq are not closed, they're under new management." 

Rove's policy is for party good only  Tony Olivier8/12/2005 
And what have they accomplished? Just an education bill with a pretty name and a culture war that Mr. Rove's supporters are only too happy to engage in. All this as an excuse for "leadership," while the difficult questions go unanswered. Who will save Social Security and Medicare? 

On the Chopping Block  8/10/2005 
The Durel Administration is yet again attacking the middle class with its cuts and plans to balance the budget on the backs of their employees. 

If the Flip-Flops Fit, Bush Wears Them  8/9/2005 
In a candid anylization of the Bush Administrations positions on Louisiana and specifically our coastal issues, the writer accuratley points out that Bush is GREAT in words for Louisiana but seldom delivers on any promises. 

Travels With George  Atom Films8/9/2005 
Great satire on GW. Good for a few laughs... then post your review and let them know how funny it was... or how REAL - which is scary! 

Private accounts: How they work  Homer Dupuy8/8/2005 
This person writes: One writer said "All Congress is doing is using the Social Security surplus to disguise its liberal spending habits." Last time I heard, "conservative" Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, and the White House. When the Democrats had the White House, they were running a budget surplus and had started to pay on the huge national debt left by the "Borrow and Spend Republicans." 

It's wrong to go to war under False Pretenses  Jean Smith7/29/2005 
My point is simple. It is not okay to go to war under false pretense. To find truth, the Downing Street Memo requires proper investigation - as does Karl Rove's involvement in "leakgate" which seems an attempt to discredit ambassador Wilson's substantiation of no WMD - and which, by the way, has left Judith Miller, a dedicated Pulitzer-winning reporter, behind bars. 

Boustany Rakes in the Cash from Special Interest Groups  7/19/2005 
Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, raked in more than any other member of the current delegation -- including the two senators -- with $457,932 raised since April, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. The reports showed that he collected almost as much from political committees as he did from individual voters. 

Clinton would have used better strategy  J.L. Chiasson7/13/2005 
Republican pundits have an inveterate propensity to justify the Bush fiasco in Iraq ad nauseam. One prime example is they continually apprise ignorant, low-life Americans like myself that their nemesis, Bill Clinton, also believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during his presidency. Although this may be true, I question if declaring war was ever even a remote consideration in Clinton's mind. 

Sen. Landrieu Signs ONE Declaration; Pledges to Fight World Poverty, AIDS  7/5/2005 
“As the world’s greatest superpower, the United States has a responsibility to set an example for other nations,” Sen. Landrieu said. “The ONE Declaration does just that. It recognizes that through our leadership role in global trade, education and research, and as a lender and provider of foreign aid, we as Americans have a unique ability to help other nations improve conditions in their countries. 

Senator Landrieu's Statement on the Retirement of Justice O'Connor  7/1/2005 
United States Senator Landrieu issed the following statement today regarding the retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. She calls for the President to rise above partisan politics and reach out to Senators from both parties as he selects a nominee to succeed Justice O'Connor. 

Lafayette Parish Democrats Endorse Fiber to the Home  6/29/2005 
Reposted for your review. The Lafayette Parish Democrat Executive Committee endorsed the LUS Fiber to the Home intitiative on February 18th 2005 with the following statement. 

Opposite of love not hate but apathy  Vic Hummert6/29/2005 
The Downing St. memo indicating the Bush/Blair determination to go to war under false assertions was given wide publicity in Britain but little or nothing in the U.S. Both world leaders will have to avoid future war crimes trials if there is any sense of justice left in the world. 

Commentary: Blogosphere takes on local dimension for Acadiana people  Bill Decker6/27/2005 
...More than those stories, the Downing Street memo deserved to be bigger news here because it frames a question so important to so many of us: What are all the Acadiana troops in Iraq fighting for? 

Bush is leading us on the road to ruin  J. Marquet - Carencro6/26/2005 
Mr. Bush is leading our country down the road to ruin. He is the only president to offer a solution to a major problem that will make the problem worse. I am speaking of the privatization of Social Security.  

GOP plan puts risk on SS recipients  Stephen Handwerk6/26/2005 
The President's proposal to privatize Social Security is not saving Social Security, by definition it is abolishing it.  

Numbers from a first-year teacher   John Dillon, Baton Rouge6/26/2005 
"...11, 18, 16, 31, 35, 41. These were the lottery numbers suggested to me today by my fortune cookie fortune which read, "Diligence and modesty can raise your social status." Hmm ... must have been written by one of the Republican House members who refused to give me a pay raise." 

Democracy requires questioning leaders  Phillip Harmon - Lafayette6/25/2005 
Ribbons on cars are a good thing; I'm not attacking the symbolism, but true patriotism, and in fact - true democracy - requires questioning your leaders. The ability to do so is what makes America admired around the world, at least formerly. 

New personal accounts plan offered  6/24/2005 
Make NO mistake about it, and this article proves it - This is the FIRST STEP in PRIVITIZATION of Social Security which will GUT the entire system that for DECADES has protected our Seniors and the Disabled. This MUST be stopped. 

Commentary: Want health care run by the feds? Just wait a while  Bill Decker6/20/2005 
Bill Decker again hits it out of the park with this editorial. Our Healthcare system is out of control and NOT working and by DOING NOTHING this Republican administration is forcing a Government take over - wouldn't this be better for us to act PROACTIVELY - after all, are we not the ONLY SUPER POWER left, yet we have people dying in our country for treatable and preventable diseases! 

Fiber to benefit Medical Field  6/20/2005 
"It's saving people's lives" - Says Dee Stanley in this short peice on how the Fiber to the Home initiative can help Lafayette. Imagine you are having a heart attack - you are rushed to the emergency room and your doctor is paged and he immediately logs on at home and can see everything remotely and help diagnose your problem. This can be a reality with Fiber. 

Truths about the ACLU founder  Mel Didier6/19/2005 
The history of religious separation given in the June 11 letter "Activist judges...", was partly true. But right near the end came that twist of opinion in the form of fact. That is, Jefferson did want "the wall of separation" for any government support of religion because of how difficult it would be to draw the line. 

Cravins Move Could Set off Chain Reaction  6/19/2005 
Possible Democratic Domino effect could take place with Senator Cravin's bid to become the next mayor of Opelousas next fall, luckily we have some GREAT Democrats ready to jump in. 

Assertion concerning Constitution stands  Bobbie Gregory Kern Broussard 6/16/2005 
"... But I am adamant about keeping my faith private and my politics secular, and to me the only thing worse than a state-sponsored religion is a religion-sponsored state. " 

What happens when presidents lie?  Jean Smith6/15/2005 
Undisputed by the British government, DSM reveals Bush's privately stated intentions; how he chose war in Iraq; how intelligence was "fixed" to sell the war to the American public--hence, his scary "smoking gun speech" about WMD and the al-Qaida connection, a little fib that killed thousands--and still counting.  

Bush opposes Louisiana's bid for oil royalties  6/15/2005 
In yet another attack on Louisiana, the Bush Administration announced it's opposition to Louisiana receiving it's fair share of the oil and gas royalties from the platforms off our coast. First CAFTA now this... It seems the Bush Administration has declaired WAR on Louisiana... no wonder we are turning Louisiana BLUE. 

Boustany comments 'disingenuous at best'  Robert F Hebert6/14/2005 
The article by guest columnist, U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, published in The Advertiser on May 25, is disingenuous at best and political demagogy at worst.  

Social Security: Response to Navarrette charges  Ruth Yeager6/13/2005 
Navarette warns of excessively high tax rates in 10 or 20 years if we do nothing, but his figures are based on Medicare, as well as Social Security. With sky-rocketing medical and prescription costs, Medicare is the crisis that should be the focus of our immediate attention, but it was “fixed” in 2003 with the budget-busting Prescription Drug Bill. 

Landrieu showed courage, wisdom  6/11/2005 
Once again, Sen. Mary Landrieu showed great courage and wisdom in helping forge the compromise that preserved the constitutional right of the minority to object. 

Democrats respond to Boustany  Frank 'Art' Flynn6/9/2005 
Republican Congressman Boustany claims he wants a bi-partisan plan to save Social Security. At the same time, he complains that the Democrats have no plan. But, the only plan proposed by the Republicans is one that will destroy Social Security as we know it. 

ADVERTISER: Rally illustrates Social Security Debate  6/5/2005 
Additional Coverage of the 800# Gorilla that Boustany is refusing to come clean with the 7th District. 

ADVOCATE: Group Employs 28-foot Gorilla  6/5/2005 
Great article where Boustany is actually quoted in stating that there is no republican plan yet and that he won't comment on it until there is one. 

KATC: Boustany Calls Big Gorilla Cheap Politics  6/5/2005 
Today we forced Boustany to stand up and answer to the 800# Gorilla that is Social Security. Boustany is trying to have it both ways, re-stating his campaign promises and then attacking Democrats for not having a plan, all the while HE WON'T COMMENT on the republican plan as he admits there isn't one yet! OUTRAGEOUS - Call Congressman Boustany and tell him to keep his hands OFF your social security. 

Vitter defends Medicare, medical votes  3/25/2005 
In yet another game of "listen to what I say and don't pay attention to what I do" Junior Senator David Vitter is forced to defend his votes to yet again give more money back to the Rich and cut funding of programs to help those who need it the most. 

Boustany already breaking Campaign Promises  3/25/2005 
With less than 3 months in office Charles Boustany is already breaking campaign promises he made to protect Social Security. Boustany promised us 4 principles that he would not deviate from with regards to Social Security, now it turns out those 4 Principles were merely sound bytes to get him elected. 

David "Ethics Challenged" Vitter in the headlines again  3/15/2005 
It is now clear that David Vitter is not as squeaky clean as he would have us believe. Then Congressman Vitter was beneficiary to large fundraisers during the same period the congressman pushed for action benefiting Jack Abramoff's client in the gambling industry. Seems this was a quid-pro-quo. 

Lafayette Parish Democratic Party Endorses Fiber Plan  2/2/2005 
The Lafayette Parish Democrat Executive Committee held it's first public forum in at least a decade. The Independent's reporter Nathan Stubbs speaks with the Chairman and Ruth Yeager in this article. 

Great Letter to the Editor - Tort Reform  1/5/2005 
William Goode of Lafayette shows a REAL LIFE case of why Tort reform is NOT needed, and instead our Government should be protecting the American People from corporations which put corporate profitability above the people's health and safety. 

Charles Boustany First Vote in Congress Lowers Ethics Standards  12/25/203 
So much for being an independent voice in the Congress. No sooner was Charles Boustany sworn in to the Congress and he was voting to lower the standards and power of the Ethics Committee. It appears that Ethics is going to be a real problem for Congressman Boustany given that he really HAD to vote this way with all of the MONEY he accepted for the corrupt Tom Delay of Texas. Just another politician who lies to us and then votes only with his rich friends, so much for those of us in the 7th. 



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